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You have one month left to submit a Business Plan for the Silver Linings Elderly Care Competition and win £ 10,000

Do good, feel good, get free money!

You have one month left to submit a business plan of up to 3,000 words for the Silver Linings Elderly Care Contest and win great prizes.

If you have ever thought that there are aspects of the living conditions of elderly parents or grandparents that could be improved; from simple practical solutions to care ideas to intergenerational living, technology solutions, building design or financial ideas, then try writing a short business plan!

Or pass the link on to someone who can.

Check out the Silver Linings website for inspiration and advice on writing a plan.

Your idea could help change the quality of elderly care!

The Responsible Investor co-created the Silver Linings Elderly Care Competition, hosted by Hugh Wheelan, Co-Founder and Deputy Managing Director of RI, Sally Bridgeland, FIA, Director, Non-Executive Director and Adviser and Dr Rachel Melsom, MBBS, BSc., Director, Medical Matrix Consulting, and medical practitioner with a particular interest in the care of the elderly.

Having spent our careers in pensions, investing, sustainability, and the medical and care professions, we know that providing and funding good long-term care is an issue that is not currently receiving the attention it deserves. , especially in terms of sustainable investment. in solutions.

We launched Silver Linings to pitch ideas to investors. The recommended business plans will be presented at an event in February to judges Silver Linings, which includes representatives from major pension funds, as well as a cross-section of professionals from the healthcare, aging, design and industry sectors. of life.

Some of the Silver Linings judges have written practical tips on how to think about writing a Silver Linings business plan.

Colum Lowe, director of the Design Age Institute, one of the judges of the Silver Linings competition, wrote the following article: How to Write a 3000 Word Business Plan to Enter the Silver Linings Competition for Seniors.

Shefaly Yogendra, PhD, and an NED Portfolio specializing in advanced technology, risk and decision making, wrote the following article:Useful ‘Ways of Thinking’ to Create a 3,000 Word Business Plan for the Silver Linings Elderly Care Competition and Win £ 10,000.

Take a look at the Brainwaves section of the Silver Linings website for some inspiring ideas that might help you in the process of thinking about your business plan.

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