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Who are The Apprentice 2022 finalists and what are their business ideas?


The Apprentice finale airs tonight after Lord Sugar’s future business partners face a grueling ordeal in the meeting room. The 16 contestants are narrowed down to two finalists who fought for their place in a number of challenges.

Last week, the series’ first all-female semi-finalists were ridiculed for their business plans. Claude Littner, who has appeared as Lord Sugar’s assistant since 2015, returned for the infamous interviews episode – after missing out on this season following a bicycle accident.

During the interviews episode it was discovered that Harpreet Kaur shared her business with her sister, Kathryn Louise Burn’s designs are not original, Littner ended the interview with Brittany Carter due to information missing from her business plan and Stephanie Affleck only sold 50 garments without a promising authenticator. .

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At the end of the episode, Lord Sugar made a decision and fired Carter and Affleck. Who are The Apprentice 2022 finalists and what are their business ideas?

Who are the finalists for The Apprentice 2022?

Harpreet Kaur

Harpreet Kaur in The Apprentice 2022

Kaur has proven herself serious over the past few weeks, but Lord Sugar and his aides have been baffled by the fact that she shares her coffee and cake business with her sister. Kaur claimed she had the conversation with her sister and there would be no problem, but it’s easy to see why Lord Sugar had his doubts.

Nonetheless, his business plan and work ethic impressed Lord Sugar and was selected for the finals. The 30-year-old grew up in Birmingham and holds a first class degree. She was running a bank at the age of 22.

Catherine Louise Burn

Catherine Louise Burn
Catherine Louise Burn

Burn is another strong contender who has proven she deserves a spot in the finals. From volunteering as a project manager in the first week, Burn has had its ups and downs, but on the surface she has earned the respect of Lord Sugar.

Burn remarked that the interview episode was “wild” and things got worse for the 29-year-old when Lauttner bought her online pajama company’s website, but she finally offered it.

From Swindon, Burn has previously worked in a variety of roles, ranging from mortgage adviser to event manager. She describes herself as ambitious, kind and often “wild”.

What are their business ideas?

Kaur would like to expand her coffee and cake business Barni’s Desserts with Lord Sugar’s 250,000 investment. The business started in a dispatch center but is now a standalone restaurant in Huddersfield.

Still with a chance to win, Burn wants to expand his online pajama company My Everyday Pajamas and My Christmas Pajamas. Burn started his business from his parents’ spare bedroom and thinks his pajamas will be “worn by everyone” with the help of Lord Sugar.

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