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University collaboration gives business ideas to its students

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The three college student pitch competition flyer. The annual competition gives students the opportunity to practice making business presentations.

And the winners are Mount San Antonio College students Fredric Royce and Heidi Leonardo. Their strong sales pitch is that of Nihon’ichi: a Vegan California Roll company.

These students are the winners of the Tri-College Student Pitch Competition hosted by Cerritos College, held on April 29 at 1 p.m.

First place winner Royce said: “If I had been on the debate team, I wouldn’t have had the chance to come up with something that would transform all of your lives.

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The second prize went to the Allergen Protector, created by Mount SAC students Weizhen (Wilson) Jiang and Hongbai (Ralph) Ruan.

Third place in the competition was completed by Ashley Juarez, who created The Hangout, an innovative idea in which she combined aspects of Bumble and Uber to create a business that brings people together.

The best sales pitch received $ 1,000, the second $ 500, and the third $ 250.

Cerritos College students Julie Franco, Elizabeth Silva and Rosa Gonzalez were among the top 11 finalists in the competition.

Other student presenters from Mt. SAC and Norco College included Jonathan Lewin, Ashley Orozco, Kaitlyn Krueger and Lyda Im.

Shopping locations were a wide range of innovative and thoughtful businesses like luxury handbag rental at Save T Net which is a way to protect packages from theft from your home or apartment.

The Tri-College Business Presentation Competition was designed by Dr. Jianli Hu, Professor of Business Administration and Head of the Business Presentation Planning Committee at Cerritos College.

The idea is to help students learn how to present business ideas in front of established entrepreneurs, business experts, professionals and community leaders.

Participants must submit a 1-2 minute presentation or YouTube video. Other requirements include a description of the product or business, an explanation of how the business will serve its target market, and a marketing and promotion plan.

You should make sure to include a summary of the financial plan. Each participant must also be enrolled in one of the three participating colleges.

At the end of the event, professors and judges advised participants as they progress towards their entrepreneurial goal.

Gary Schoeniger, contest judge and founder of Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative, told students they should recognize that they are already ahead.

“You shouldn’t focus on the opinions of the teachers. But you should always listen to the opinions of the people whose problems you are trying to solve, ”he said.

Cecilia Gorman, a 20-year veteran in the advertising industry, and Sheila Johnston, with over 20 years in government relations, were also judges of the competition.

This year’s competition was sponsored by ACG Funding and Marcella Apodaca Photography LLC.

Participants from fourth to ninth place will receive a $ 50 electronic gift card for their presentations and participation in the program.

For more information and how you can showcase the next multi-million dollar business, contact the Business Administration department.

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