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Tom Still: Business Plan Competition Finalists Reflect Wisconsin’s Range of Innovation | Economic news

Over time, approximately 4,300 shots from 330 different Wisconsin communities were entered into the contest. Finalists included companies such as RevolutionEHR, Vector Surgical, Nerites, Elucent Medical, Fishidy, Lynx Biosciences, Hyde, bluDiagnostics, Strategic Fishing Systems, Optametra, Platypus Technologies, Reza Band, RoWheels, MobCraft Beer, Sector67 and BadgerBites.

Known today as EatStreet, the founders of BadgerBites built what has become one of the nation’s largest online and mobile food ordering and delivery services.

Some lunar-sized craters have also been left by promising finalists, but that’s not unusual in the emerging business world. A more striking fact is that the former BPC finalists enjoyed a high survival rate, especially compared to the overall death rate of American startups. Collectively, the past nominees have raised at least $ 225 million in angel capital, venture capital and venture debt, while creating jobs and economic value in Wisconsin.

The Entrepreneurs’ Conference will offer a mix of high profile speakers, panelists and more. A highlight is always presentations from those whose business plans have emerged after review by volunteer judges who know what to look for. It’s worth the virtual trip to see the young companies that will make the difference tomorrow.

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