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Toho makes animation a mainstay of its 10-year business plan

Until now, Toho’s business has been based on three pillars: films, dramas and real estate. Animation was previously just a part of the company’s film business – along with production, distribution and theater management. But the idea going forward is that animation will become an independent fourth mainstay.

Toho’s animation business will include the animation of theatrical feature films as well as all subsequent television series and video game productions. It will also incorporate video distribution, marketing, merchandising, stage production and overseas expansion for its animated IPs.

According to reports, three main initiatives will drive the company’s animation business:

  • Active investment in planning and development. In other words, the company will focus on acquiring existing animation rights as well as developing its own original properties.
  • Abroad. Toho plans to lay the groundwork and begin marketing its content in North America, while opening avenues to begin co-producing with overseas partners.
  • Use digital media. Toho will extend its original product development to smartphone apps, games and other interactive content based on its animation properties.

Top image: “Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle” by Toho

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