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Things to Consider When Hiring a Business Plan Writer

Developing a business strategy is an ongoing process, not a one-time project. The writing, layout, and presentation of a business plan aren’t as crucial as its content, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t change frequently. Real businesses review and change their business plans frequently.

When looking for a business plan writer should take these points into account.

Be aware of typical pitfalls

The underlying cause for my caution about outsourcing the creation of your business plan is a misunderstanding of what constitutes a good business plan. Some people think it has to do with the handwriting or even the paper itself. However, these are not the most crucial elements.

For example, my article My Worst Ever Business Plan Engagement details a real-life case of smart business owners who failed to secure financing despite having a solid business plan because they didn’t know it off the cuff.

Therefore, read these two articles before you start looking for someone to write your plan: Writing a Business Plan Can’t Smell a Pig and 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Business Plan Writer business are two related articles.

In response to a query on asking “How do I develop an awesome business plan?” earlier this month I had to clarify this.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s the business, not the business plan, that determines whether it’s impressive or not.

When a business plan has a strong team, a desirable market, as well as differentiators, barriers to competition, a good product-market fit, and a proprietary secret sauce, it’s impressive.

The best thing you can do with writing, formatting, and other elements is to keep them out of the way so the content doesn’t get in the way.

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Do your own planning first

The planning process should follow the general business rule of getting a return on investment of time and effort in addition to money, like anything else in business. Before seeking outside help, focus on the business objective.

The keys to success in this task are not related to what you usually get by asking a stranger to do it for you. If your business plan is meant to help you manage better by defining essential strategy, tactics, milestones, metrics and projections, tracking results and revising frequently, then this is what you need. .

The need to go beyond the basics and formalize a plan with well-written summaries, descriptions and other elements may however arise if you have a business plan event, in which a business plan is a prerequisite for a loan, investor, divorce settlement, strategic ally or other external. Form always follows function in the business world. First decide what you actually need for legitimate business purposes.

If you need to present your strategy to others, you should seek out a coach or advisor rather than someone who will just write it down for you.

Find a mentor, adviser and confidant.

Yet, let’s assume for a moment that you are a business owner or you want to start a new business, you have a budget to cover the costs of hiring assistance and you do not want to carry out your plan of business alone.

Am I saying you shouldn’t even try to ask for help? No. I tell you that you know how to do it and you can do it yourself. Anyone who can start a business can also create a business plan. Content, specificity, benchmarks, scalability, defensibility, financial forecasts, and the management team all play a part in determining whether a plan is sound or not. The style, the writing or the formatting is not the problem.

Of course, I also have a bias on this issue because I write about Bplans and am surrounded by advertisements for LivePlan, a tool that allows you to easily create your own plan.

Nonetheless, I’ve spent over 15 years making a living writing business plans for homeowners and entrepreneurs, and since reading over 100 startup business plans a year, I know the poor business plans. I never advocate asking for help. As with many business activities, a coach – someone to watch your back – could be helpful, especially when it comes to financial forecasting. You want precise mathematical and financial calculations.

1. Choose a partner who is committed for the long term.

Don’t hire anyone who thinks a business plan is a one-time thing that should be used once and then forgotten. True business planning doesn’t work that way anymore, plain and simple. Business plans quickly become obsolete.

You must regularly review results, monitor progress, and revise a plan for it to be effective. Therefore, you need the help of someone who will either hand over the plan fully so that you can easily review and revise it, or who will be available later to help you with the review and revision.

Some business plan writers approach their work as coaches and consider this type of partnership, while others do not. Avoid collaborating with people who will present a plan and then disappear.

2. Look for someone with relevant business expertise

If you need help, find someone with relevant experience who can compare your plan to what experience suggests will actually happen, because the actual content of the plan is much more important than how it looks.

You want someone who can let you know if your projected marketing costs are too high or your revenue is too low. You want someone who can let you know what metrics will be important. Since these KPIs are typically unique to your business, you are likely already familiar with them.

For example, some businesses grow because of traffic, while others depend on conversion rates, sales per square foot, trips, leads, introductions, or other factors.

3. Find a member of your team, ideally.

People who are already on your team are the best place to look for someone who will be around for a while, knows your industry, and has relevant expertise. Consider your list of advisers and managers.

Is there someone who could lead the task for you and take it over if you assume that writing a business plan is something anyone who knows the industry can do? Yes, you are ready to go.

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