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The Best Stock Market Related Business Ideas To Make Money In This Pandemic

Become a sub-broker

Many brokers offer the option of becoming a sub-broker by giving them minimum security deposits of Rs 50,000 / – and paying a one-time Sebi registration fee of around Rs 8,000 / – including GST. The collateral deposited may be subject to interest depending on the general conditions of the brokers indicated in the contract of the sub-brokers.

Other prerequisites may be office space to function, IT office infrastructure, an understanding of the stock markets, the Internet, or Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

In these times of pandemic, online demat commerce and the number of accounts have increased significantly. People with high brokerage fees have themselves become sub-brokers and benefit from a sub-broker commission as a cost saving measure. Brokers such as ICICI Securities, HDFC Securities, Axis Securities and Angel Broking offer such sub-brokerage business opportunities.

Become a mutual fund distributor

Become a mutual fund distributor

To become a mutual fund distributor, you must have a qualified certificate from the National Institute of Securities Market0 or NSE Academy. There is a prescribed fee to pay for registration as well as exam fees. of these institutes.After paying these fees prescribed by the registrants, they are required to qualify these certification programs on the basis of market understanding.

Successful participants must then register with AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India) and complete their KYC documentation with the organization with the prescribed membership fee. After that, the distributor will register with other mutual funds such as ICICI AMC, HDFC AMC, AB AMC, Fidelity MF, Sudaram Clayton Mutual fund and others.

Become a research analyst

Become a research analyst

The Equity Research Analyst may require specific skills in managing database tools, understanding company balance sheets, technical analysis, writing skills to write sell or buy recommendations. .

In addition to having the skills mentioned above, a research analyst should be professionally qualified with a sound mind and a person of good principles and ethics. A person is considered professionally qualified if they have a professional qualification or postgraduate degree or postgraduate degree in finance, accounting, business management, commerce, economics, capital market, banking, insurance or actuarial science or a professional qualification by completing a NISM Securities Market Graduate Program (Research Analysis) of at least one year duration or you must be a graduate in any discipline with experience of at least at least five years in activities related to advice on financial products or securities or management of funds or assets or portfolio or NISM certificate (XV research analyst).

Along with the professional qualification, a person or entity is required to apply to SEBI to act as an independent research analyst. There is a prescribed fee of Rs 5,000 upon initial registration and Rs 10,000 after obtaining approval from SEBI. In order for the registration to be completed, it is necessary to comply with all SEBI (Research Analysts) (Amendments) regulations, 2021

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