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State chamber group seeks innovative business ideas from students

The Montana Chamber Foundation has launched its sophomore year of “The Prospects” and calls on all 40,000 high school students in Montana to submit their most innovative business ideas for a chance to win big.

“The Prospects” is a state-wide virtual entrepreneurship competition for high school students with new business ideas and existing small businesses.

This collaborative initiative invests in Montana students while developing a mentoring platform to connect with business and community leaders.

This year’s competition has two rounds – fall 2021 and spring 2022. The expansion of the competition into two rounds gives educators and students even more opportunities to get involved.

Judging for both rounds will begin in March 2022 after the end of the second round.

Twin Bridges high school student Jenna Nate and 2021 New Business Idea winner encourages all students who may be interested in participating by saying, “I’m so grateful for this experience and competition! I would highly recommend (The Prospects) to anyone lucky enough to compete.

The Montana Chamber Foundation is spearheading this project in partnership with Youth Entrepreneurs, a nationally recognized business education program with students and educators from across Montana.

This year’s scholarship is funded by generous donations from companies such as Stockman Bank, the Montana Auto Dealers Association, the Great Falls Chamber of Commerce, and investors from Envision 2026.

As part of the Montana Chamber’s 10-year strategic plan, Envision 2026, we continue to invest in programmatic efforts, such as “The Prospects,” to help Montana’s youth develop and strengthen the workforce. of the state, by stimulating our economic future.

“Montana’s business leaders and employers support this program because it teaches the economics and entrepreneurial principles our students need,” says Matthew Olson, director of network development for the Montana Chamber. “This competition offers the opportunity to put mentors in direct contact with young entrepreneurs. There were so many innovative ideas last year, and we’re expecting the same this year. “

The Montana Chamber Foundation is recruiting judges and mentors for this year’s competition and is encouraging all members of the business community to get involved.

To learn more about “The Prospects” and how you can get involved, visit the Montana Chamber website at or contact Tiana Yates, Montana’s Young Entrepreneur Coordinator at [email protected]

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