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Shark Tank India Streaming Episodes – Startups, Investments and Business Ideas

Introducing the show that will change your view of entrepreneurs empowering the world with their talents, intelligence and unique ideas.

Shark Tank India, an India debut show featuring 5 big business wigs where young Indian entrepreneurs get a chance to pitch their idea on national TV and get an investment from Sharks to boost their fledgling business.

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The show which started on December 20 looked quite promising and impressive to the audience. In the first episode, the SHARKS team was seen motivating new ideas to be fairly straightforward with their opinions on business concepts.

Besides bringing the attractive talents with their ideas on board by young business owners, they had set a good example of saying NO in a way without hurting the idea of ​​youth; the approach, whether they liked it or not, towards each talent, is unique.

Despite being top notch business tycoons, the best part about them was their humility and down to earth. Obviously, that’s why they’re there; Business tycoons. They played the game very well by not demotivating the business idea of ​​any entrepreneur but at the same time not refraining from showing the true mirror to the business ideas.

Popular youth icon Ranvijay Singh hosts the first edition of Shark Tank India.

Presentation of SHARKS

Ashneer Grover

Fortune India under 40

India’s Brightest Young Entrepreneur 2021

Founder and MD Bharat PE

Namita Thapar

Executive Director Emcure Pharmaceuticals

40 hottest young Indian business leaders under 40 2017

Anupam Mittal

Serial entrepreneur and exceptional investor

TIEcon Bombay 2020

Founder and CEO and People Group

Vineeta Singh

CEO and co-founder Sugar cosmetics

The most powerful women in business 2021

business today

Aman Gupta

Economic Times 40 under 40

Co-founder and boat CMO

Shark Tank India – Know the start-ups

Aditi Madan – Blue Pine Foods Pvt. ltd.

Aditi Madan, 43, also known as Momo Mami, who runs frozen momo company Blue Pine Foods Pvt. ltd. It is an exclusive food processing company. Originally from Darjeeling, Aditi started making momos when she was 8 years old and over time built a successful momo business. His concern is to reach the people with the authentic flavors of the Himalayas. His momos are preservative-free and nutritious; also has gluten-free and vegan-free momos.

She approached the sharks with a request for Rs 50 lakhs for 5% equity. First, Shark Ashneer offered Rs. 50 lakhs demanding 7% equity, while Anupama and Namita backed off. While Vineeta Singh offered Rs. 50 lakhs for 20% equity of Bluepine Pvt Ltd. The last bid accepted by Ashneer, Aman and Vineeta of Rs. 75 lakhs for a 16% stake, and the deal was locked.

In addition to stepping back, the shark Ashneer came up with an idea for upgrading kitchen models through a platform like Swiggy and Zomato.

Rutvij Dasadia – Bootz Scooters

After that came a young Gujarati boy Rutvij Dasadia with the idea of ​​electric scooters who uses Bootz scooters from Bhavnagar, Gujarat. The boy gathered all his energy to launch the idea of ​​the electric scooter that would eliminate pollution and other environmental hazards generated by fuel-powered vehicles.

It seems that the Sharks weren’t much impressed with the electric scooters as the investment of Rs. 40 lakh so far is generating an income of just Rs 4 lakh.

Rutvijay approached the Sharks to make an investment of Rs. 40 lakhs for the 15% stake. Anupam Mittal backed out of the proposal and explained why he was not interested. According to him, the operational activity needs a good density.

Besides Anupam, Namita Thapar has also stepped back as she has always been involved in a product-based business rather than a service-based business. Aman was also not interested in investing in the Bootz Scooters business, as the revenue generation is very low compared to the investment.

After numerous counter-offers between Sharks and Rutvij, finally Rutvij agreed to give half of the stake to Shark for an investment of Rs. 40,000,000.

Riya Khattar – Heart up my sleeves

Then a young Delhi-based girl, Riya Khattar, owner of a Heart Up My Sleeves brand, came to present her business idea to the Sharks. The unique brand aims for minimalism and the business idea was conceived at the time of the outbreak of the pandemic. The idea of ​​detachable sleeves, which can be worn differently by women, seems interesting in the fashion world, but the judges find less potential because it only deals with sleeves. They said she had to expand her fields to be successful.

She kicked off the sharks with a demand of Rs. 25 lakhs for 10% equity. Ashneer came out explaining that it was a fashion business rather than an investment business. Namita and Aman also took a step back explaining their take on this product.

Finally, the deal was done with an offer of Rs. 25 lakhs of 30% equity between Vineeta, Anupam and Riya.

And, finally, the first episode of Shark Tank India ends on a high note by offering good investments for start-ups to expand their areas of work and profit.

Shark Tank India – More Business Ideas

The second episode started on a positive note with lots of enticing pitch ideas like jumping chips and international dips, pocket ECG ideas, some introduced the Sharks with their renovation ideas to make a kid more curious about the subjects taught in schools and much more.

Moreover, a good part of the show was not limited to presenting the idea and making investments, but was converted to explain several business terminologies. This would help the show broaden its audience and not just limit itself to business-oriented audiences.

For more updates on the show, watch the SonyLIV app or stay tuned to your TV Monday through Friday at 10 p.m. You never know what business idea hits and you also become one of the Sharks.

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