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Online Business Ideas from 3 Top Entrepreneurs

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Online businesses are a gold mine in today’s economy. Many people want to lead a balanced life – flexible work that allows you to do other things you enjoy, family time, security and financial independence. Online businesses promise to give all of this and more.

If you’re interested in taking charge of your life and playing by your own rules, there’s no better time than now to start your online business. There is so much potential and opportunity online for business growth like you have never seen before. The invention of the Internet and smartphones now puts your customers and potential customers at your fingertips.

For many would-be entrepreneurs, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of online businesses for the economy. Even physical stores are already turning to online sales to exploit the potential of the online market. Now is the right time to make your online business ideas a reality.

However, if you’re not yet sure which niche to focus on, here are some e-business ideas from some of the best entrepreneurs in the world.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

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Gary Vaynerchuk is a popular Belarusian-American Serial entrepreneur. He has made a name for himself as an internet personality, speaker and best-selling author. He is currently CEO and co-founder of VaynerMedia, a digital agency.

Gary and his parents immigrated to the United States in 1978. From an early age, he already began to cultivate business acumen. He knew how to spot a market that everyone else was unaware of and take advantage of it. As a child, he picked flowers from his neighbour’s garden and sold them to him.

In 1988, his father finally saved enough money to buy a liquor store that became the family business. When Gary went to college, he was exposed to computers and the internet. He quickly realized the power of the internet and began to think of new ways to incorporate this into the family business. Gary created a website for the company called Before email marketing became a thing, he emailed weekly promotions, recommendations, and discounts to his ever-growing client list. His branding and marketing skills increased their sales in one year from $3 million to $60 million.

After the massive success of Wine Library, Gary turned to social media and digital marketing proper. He teamed up with his brother to start VaynerMedia, an agency that helps other companies replicate his commercial success.


VaynerMedia has worked with Fortune 500 clients and big names like Chase, Toyota, NBA, Hulu, Johnson’s, Shell and PepsiCo. They offer services such as social media strategy, creative, production, and influencer programs.

Gary Vaynerchuk net worth is estimated at $200 million.

Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez

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Tai Lopez is a entrepreneur, digital marketer, social media personality, investor and advisor to more than 20 multi-million dollar companies.

Tai’s journey to becoming a successful online business owner has been fraught with challenges. He grew up with his single mother and grandmother. At six years old, he was already working to help his mother feed the family. As soon as he was old enough, he traveled the world, visiting 51 countries and doing odd jobs to survive. He lived on his mother’s couch as a college dropout, dissatisfied with his life when he returned. He wanted something different but had no marketable skills, so he decided to get one. He found a mentor to teach him business in the yellow pages.

He strove to absorb everything he could about business from seminars, books, his mentor’s teachings, and his experience. Recognizing what a rare gem Tai was, his mentor introduced him to a company where he became a Certified Financial Planner. Before long, Tai was already selling more than the top sellers in the business.

In 2008, he left the company to use his expertise and experience to start his online business as a Facebook marketer. After a while, it branched out into other forms of digital marketing. He gained popularity in 2015 after his YouTube commercial, “Here In My Garage”, went viral.

His videos feature e-commerce resources such as social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and the Amazon FBA selling plan. Tai also has one of the fastest growing Ted Talk shows, with over 9.3 million views already. His YouTube channel also has 1.32 million subscribers.

Tai Lopez website

Tai Lopez net worth is a estimated at $60 million.

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

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Russell Brunson is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, YouTuber and philanthropist. He is the founder of Click the funnela SaaS company for e-commerce.

Russell has always had a passion for sales and marketing, right from childhood. He collected junk mail, watched television and listened to the radio while waiting for advertisements. In college, he had already started several businesses before deciding to move into online businesses.

In 2003, he created a ZipBrander, an online marketing software to drive website traffic. He also sold his DVD guide to the potato gun using online marketing. By the time he left college, Russell had earned his first million dollars from marketing.

In 2014, when he found a niche in the market for a sales funnel, he created ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels grew into a $100 million business in the first three years and is currently worth over $360 million.

Click Funnels Website

ClickFunnels helps online businesses perform functions like sales copy emails, landing pages, lead generation, webinars, and sales. In the process, the software has successfully revolutionized the internet marketing industry.

Russell Brunson is currently worth $37 million.

What you can learn from these entrepreneurs

The three entrepreneurs have something in common; they dreamed of starting their own business and let nothing stop them – not the circumstances of their birth, upbringing or age. They pursued their passion and they excelled at it.

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They discovered the power of online marketing and took advantage of it. As mentioned earlier, there is a change in business dynamics. There’s more than enough space for everyone to thrive in comfort and with healthy competition. More and more people are creating online businesses and e-commerce stores. Their customers are on their phones and computers, all they need are resources and marketers to help them reach their target.

If you’ve ever considered starting your own online business, you can always take inspiration from these books for men. To start! No matter your situation or your age. The right time to start working towards living your dream is NOW.

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