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NHRDF organizes a training program on mushroom cultivation; Sharing mushroom business ideas

In this training, experienced scientists from IARI Pusa came to the NHRDF campus and imparted various information to the trainees.

A five-day training program (August 22-26, 2022) on mushroom production techniques and post-harvest management was held at the National Horticultural Research and Development Foundation, New Delhi.

In the training program, trainees from different states such as Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Delhi participated.

Dr. BK Pandey, Deputy Director General (Retired), Udayan, Department of Agricultural Research and Education, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India was the chief guest of the event. The director of the institute, Dr. PK Gupta, welcomed the guest of honor who, while addressing the trainees, said that by undergoing this training, farmers can do production activities of mushrooms which are in great demand at the present time. Along with this, he also discussed food security, nutrition security and economic security in detail.

He then talked about some agriculture-related activities such as mushroom cultivation, beekeeping and how to dispose of agriculture wastes like paddy straw and wheat straw by not burning them.

Speaking to the programme, the director said that by undergoing training in mushroom production, farmers and the unemployed can adopt self-employment and derive maximum income from their own businesses.

He also explained why it is important to eat mushrooms and what are the benefits of eating them. He expanded on this and also talked about the importance of mushrooms and the usefulness of growing them in the surrounding areas. Dr. Rajneesh Mishra, Deputy Director (Horticulture), Manoj ShrivastavaDeputy Director, PK Rameshbabu, Deputy Director Sanjay Singh, Deputy Director, Dr. SK Tiwari, Senior Technical Officer, and Senior Technical Officers of SC Tiwari also participated in this event.

In this training program, Senior Technical Officer SC Tiwari also shared information on cultivation of different varieties of mushrooms like button mushroom, oyster mushroom, milky mushroom, shiitake mushroom and reishi mushroom and management diseases in mushroom cultivation.

In this training, experienced scientists from IARI Pusa came to the NHRDF campus and gave several useful tips to the trainees. During the training program, a mushroom field visit was also made to HAIC, Murthal, Sonipat.

CENTERS – Bathinda, Coimbatore, Deoria, Hubli, Indore, Karnal, Kombai, Kota, Kurnool, Lasalgaon, Mahuva, Nashik, Paljhar, Patna, Rajkot, Sinnar, KVK-Ujwa (Delhi)

First published: 03 Sep 2022, 04:24 IST

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