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New business software presents challenges for BVSD

The Boulder Valley School District is struggling to adapt to new business tools, including new hiring and payroll systems.

A small district team is working long hours to find solutions, but the new payroll system in particular hasn’t worked as well as expected, with ‘hundreds’ of employees complaining they’ve been paid less than what what they were entitled to.

The district began using the new enterprise resource planning system in late March, and plans are in place to update business, human resources, and IT service systems while migrating data to the cloud.

This Monday, Superintendent Rob Anderson apologized for the issues and assured staff that the district would continue to work through them.

To manage issues, the district has implemented a support ticket system. Anderson also asked staff workers to immediately pay anyone they believe their pay is insufficient rather than wait until the investigation is completed in July.

Every ERP version is difficult, but the BVSD version was particularly difficult, he wrote. We recognize the significant impact this has had on some of our employees and that the climb has been more difficult than expected. We also recognize that some employees are still struggling today, despite the fact that we have resolved thousands of issues.

Hourly workers must use the system to log in and out daily, and according to Lisa Larsen, special education paramedic and president of the Boulder Valley Paraeducator Association, the system isn’t always reliable, especially for people who work several jobs. For hourly workers, incorrect compensation can also be more difficult, he added.

He claimed that this week he worked at a booth that did not pay him as much as he expected for the work he did in the summer school program and did not enough money to cover the rent.

He said, “We are the smallest individuals in the district. The consequences of not receiving our full salary definitely make our daily life difficult. When calling with union members’ concerns, he claims district administrators have been accommodating and quick to resolve issues. But, he claimed, the experiences staff members had after submitting support tickets differed, causing embarrassment.

He said, “I know from the district that it was not done with any malicious intent. “The problem comes from the size of the system in general. Due to the complexity of the system, reform is difficult. He claimed that further training sessions would also be helpful in resolving some issues with the new system. He pointed out that employees used to have access to a breakdown of their longevity and education bonus on their pay stub, but now have to look it up online. The accumulated free time led to the same result.

That’s a major difference, he said. At a recent school board meeting, Boulder Valley bus driver Sam Trueblood, secretary of the Boulder Valley Classified Employees Association, also discussed systemic issues. He claimed his union was concerned that the system could not handle all job classifications and demanded that it be extensively vetted and that users receive training before it was made available to the public.

It appears that few of those requests have been submitted, he said. “The district wasn’t ready when the system went live,” he said, with many hourly workers reporting problems.

He added that other employees had to use their savings or borrow money from friends and family to pay their bills while the errors were investigated, saying that “in many cases it took months to make repairs”. The district often gives the impression that “BVSD cares”, but from our current position, that is simply not the case. The district spent years preparing a new system, then tested it in three phases over a period of six to eight weeks with more than 100 employees participating each time, according to Maria Wilson, project manager for the program. enterprise resource planning.

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  • New business software presents challenges for BVSD
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