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New business ideas are popping up amid the pandemic

Due to the influence of Covid-19, many people have created their own jobs, businesses or have moved to technology-based industries.

It took Duong and her husband about a month to try out different formulas to finally find the right recipe for making frozen bread, proper shelf life, annealing temperature, and annealing time.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Au Thuy Duong was forced to close her wedding dress store but started a promising new business.

At 4 am one day in late August, Au Thuy Duong, 30, from Hanoi’s Long Bien district and her husband Pham Duc Duy got up to bake over 1,000 pieces of bread. They had received their largest number of orders. That day, the couple stayed in the kitchen from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. but were unable to fulfill orders. Although very tired, the couple were excited as they had found a promising new business.

Previously, they ran a wedding dress and bridal makeup shop. Since the epidemic broke in early 2020, the store has no income because there have been no weddings. The couple tried to hold out until early 2021, but ultimately had to shut it down. After closing, Duy worked for his friend who owns a bakery, where he learned to bake cakes.

In mid-April, the couple opened a bakery. Barely two weeks later, the 4th wave of Covid-19 broke out. The bakery is located deep down an alley, so it didn’t have a lot of customers and the profit was very modest.

During the period of social distancing, storing food became a habit for many families. Duong not only kept the food fresh, but also the bread in the freezer. When her two children asked for bread, she took it out and baked it. She noticed that the bread was generally hard and not as delicious as it had started out.

The young mother had the idea of ​​frozen bread. She baked the bread and then stored them in the fridge or freezer. She baked breads in a certain amount of time and they were much more delicious this time.

It took Duong and her husband about a month to try out different formulas to finally find the right recipe for making frozen bread, proper shelf life, annealing temperature, and annealing time.

Their first loaves of frozen bread were launched in early August, the time of social distancing in Hanoi. On the first day of online sales on their Facebook pages, Duong received orders for up to 400 pieces of bread. Many people ordered dozens of pieces of bread.

New business ideas are popping up amid the pandemic

Ms. Au Thuy Duong.

The idea of ​​frozen bread “changed the game” at Duong bakery. During the pandemic, they lost their business but also thanks to Covid-19, they found a new opportunity. “If it had been launched at a different time, our product is unlikely to have achieved such results,” said Duong.

The couple trained in online sales and customer service skills, and connected to delivery apps to deliver frozen breads to customers.

Their bakery sells an average of 500-700 loaves of bread a day. Sales after the social distancing time declined a bit, but Duong focused on his range of customers: families living in apartments and office workers.

The couple are looking for other types of frozen cakes and are considering starting a business specializing in this product. They target the distribution of frozen breads and cakes to mini markets and apartment buildings.

A wise step after a sad new year

For Ha Huy Vu, director of a media company in the Hoang Mai district of Hanoi, the two years 2020-2021 are also memorable.

Vu founded the event organization company in 2017. The company was functioning well when the Covid-19 whirlwind emerged and dealt a fatal blow to event planners.

Vu had to reduce the size of the company, reduce the number of employees and wait for the storm to pass. In August 2020, when the epidemic situation was temporarily stable, he was preparing to organize end-of-year events. But at the end of December 2020, Hanoi recorded new cases of Covid-19. On the afternoon of December 29, he received calls to cancel four events. After that, many similar calls came.

After two months of suspension of operations and returning home, in March 2021, Vu returned to Hanoi to give new direction to the company. He has promoted the organization of online events such as seminars, opening ceremonies, talk shows and livestreams …

Clients just need to sit in front of the computer and his company will set up the virtual studio, plan the program, design the invitation letter, and provide the camera and host for the event.

Vu previously had the idea of ​​organizing online events but was unable to make it happen. Covid-19 has hit his business, but it has helped him see an opportunity to implement his long-held idea.

“In recent years, technology-based online professions have grown. Demand is high, but providers are small. I see this is the best time for my business to transform, ”Vu said.

Regarding the future direction, Vu said his company will maintain both online and offline segments.

Young people adapt easily to the transformation

Duong and Vu are just two of many instances where workers and companies have changed jobs and found new directions during the pandemic.

Due to the influence of Covid-19, many people have created their own jobs, businesses or have moved to technology-based industries.

Pham Minh Huan, former deputy minister of labor, invalids and social affairs, said that there will be a part of the workers who will go into these professions but not the majority. It is generally the young who adapt the best.

According to Huan, changing jobs is not easy for many people as it depends on age, qualifications and skills.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also helped change work habits, favoring the application of technology to adapt to unpredictable developments in the pandemic.

According to the report by the General Bureau of Statistics, in the first quarter of 2021, more than 78,000 employees said that due to the pandemic, they had moved from not using information technology (IT) to computers. in their work.

Huan said businesses and employees have found ways to adapt, work remotely, and apply technology to their operations.

Many people have found opportunities to start a new business through technology and more dynamic e-commerce activities. For example, many agricultural products have been traded on e-commerce platforms.

Dr Dinh Trong Thinh, senior lecturer at the Academy of Finance, said creating new jobs and transforming businesses during the outbreak is a trend. Many individuals and businesses in the tourism, entertainment, events and other fields have had to change their business methods in order to create jobs, maintain the workforce, and have a source of income to cross. the pandemic.

“At first, a lot of people and companies saw career change as left-wing work, and then it became right-wing work. In times of pandemic, they discovered opportunities and adapted to a new field that was even more effective than the old one. This profession could be better in the post-pandemic period, “he said.

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