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Lincoln helps cooks launch business ideas

For Cindy Borgwordt, a food safety specialist at the University of Lincoln, she had a good idea and the perseverance to bring it to fruition – a process spanning almost two decades.

His dream, as we recently reported, was to create a culinary incubator where LU teachers and staff could hire the school’s commercial kitchen to develop their food-related skills and business ideas.

This dream, which dates back to 2004, is finally coming true thanks to a grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) in association with the University of Lincoln.

We like the idea for several reasons. First, entrepreneurs are the backbone of capitalism. They come up with innovative ideas that stimulate the economy and employ hundreds, if not thousands, of employees.

But business – especially the restaurant / food industry – is cutthroat, and entrepreneurs usually don’t have the time it took for Borgwordt to bring an idea to fruition.

Many also lack the capital to develop new products or services, and banks are often unwilling to try their luck with unproven entrepreneurs.

The culinary incubator offers affordable rates for those accepted.

Culinary Incubator members – people who have been approved to be part of the program to learn food safety training, protocols, etc. – pay a rate of $ 150 per year, as we have reported. An associate of the culinary incubator – a person who seeks only to use the cooking facility – pays a rate of $ 200 per year. Charges vary based on hourly operational rates.

The program will also benefit LU students, especially those from the Ministry of Agriculture. It can provide them with food safety certifications and kitchen experience without having to work in a kitchen.

We congratulate Borgwordt on bringing his idea to fruition and wish the program every success. If you think the program could be of use to you, contact Borgwordt at [email protected]


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