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LAUSD students present business ideas

On July 22, students from Los Angeles Unified’s Linked Learning summer programs participated in a project that allowed them to pitch their business creation pitch to a panel of Los Angeles Community College judges.

Students from Gardena High School, Los Angeles Academy Middle School, Sutter Middle School, Daniel Webster Middle School and Venice High School were enrolled in the Teen Innovation and Entrepreneurial Summer program, organized by Project ECHO.

During the two-week summer transition program, students identified a problem and developed a product or service as a solution. In teams, they discussed the benefits of their business, researched competitors, designed logos and product branding, worked together to develop a presentation and pitch deck, and learned about target markets, pricing and profit margins.

Business leaders volunteered to act as judges and listen to business presentations. The quality of the idea, as well as the research and development the students put into their startup, were all taken into account to help determine the winning teams. More than 10 teams received first and second place medals, but each student will receive an ECHO Project Certificate of Achievement that they can include in their college application.

“Our summer bridging programs are designed for students to become familiar with their new school, teachers, and new paths and to cultivate leadership and collaboration skills,” said LAUSD Administrator Esther Soliman. CTE-related learning. “Our partnership with Project ECHO allows us to take our bridging programs to a whole new level by offering an exceptional project-based program that challenges students with this exciting competition.”

“While these companies remain fictional, students quickly engage in this project-based program where a lot of learning occurs through teamwork and hands-on activities,” said Diane Quast, executive director of the project. ECHO. “The students really show perseverance and creativity during this program.

Linked Learning Summer Bridge Programs are designed to welcome students to their new school and give them the opportunity to learn through real, project-based learning, working with teachers and industry professionals. Juniors and seniors mentor students and teach them about the school culture and the school’s expectations of them.

Project ECHO is a non-profit organization that was established in 1996 and provides students with entrepreneurial and leadership skills so they can thrive in college, in their careers, and in their communities by as agents of change.

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