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Important SEO KPIs to measure the success of a business website


It is very difficult to imagine a successful business without effective management. But managing what you can’t measure is very difficult, if not impossible. Therefore, the first thing to do on this path is to learn how to measure the results of work with It doesn’t matter which direction we’re talking about.

KPI in SEO is an abbreviation of the English words “key performance indicators”. This translates to “Key Performance Indicators”. These metrics are used to track SEO performance as well as track progress toward various goals.

Using KPIs is convenient for both an SEO (internet marketer) specialist and a promotion client. Since using clear measurements removes many disagreements and eliminates misunderstandings. And also, it allows you to clearly understand what has already been achieved while working on the project. And what work remains to be done.

Website traffic

This measure is one of the most used. Because if the work on the site is done efficiently, its traffic will increase. You can count total traffic. Or you can further divide the traffic by channels:

But you need to understand that traffic isn’t always a key metric. Since in the case of merchant sites for businesses, the quality of traffic is also important. And not just its quantity. Therefore, the list of key performance indicators should be more complete for these questions, because relevant white-hat backlinks.

Visibility in organic search

A valuable metric that allows you to get a more complete picture of the project’s growth dynamics and the effectiveness of the work being done on it. This metric not only shows clicks to the site from search, but also its overall visibility for various keywords.

And if a page typically only starts receiving stable transitions after it reaches the Top 10 search results, an increase in visibility may be noticed much sooner. And a comparison with previous periods makes it possible to understand that some work on the site gives results. And everything is going in the right direction.

5 Essential SEO KPIs to Track When Promoting a Business Website

Visitor, lead or sale cost

How to search for kpis seo to follow and organize the day before? Understanding how much it costs you to attract a visitor or obtain a lead for each of the channels allows you to understand if it is profitable to invest in them.

For example, in SEO, the cost of a lead at the start of the job can be quite high. But over time, when the effort to work on a website begins to capitalize, it will constantly decrease. As a result, small calculations help figure this out for businesses in most niches. It is the most profitable channel to attract customers.

There are special measures for business progress. Visitor Acquisition Cost (CPC) is calculated using a simple formula from

CPC = Channel Budget / Channel Traffic Volume

The cost per lead / sale can be calculated in the same way, simply by replacing the necessary indicators.

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For any business project, an important task is not just to bring a visitor to the site, but to motivate him to take a certain action (conversion). This can be buying a product, submitting an application, filling out a form, uploading a file, taking a survey, registering for an event, watching a video, etc.

The conversion rate is calculated according to the following formula (CR):

6 essential SEO metrics are presented in organic reports to follow when promoting a website for business. Thus, you can determine the value of working on a specific Internet marketing channel by counting the number of conversions, their cost and comparing with other areas of work.

Brand traffic

This category includes site visits for all keywords that include the brand name in some form. Sometimes this can represent a fairly large proportion of attendance:

Brand traffic has many benefits, for example:

  • for branded queries, your company website will always be at the top of search results, regardless of the change in algorithms;
  • visitors who click on such a query have good behavioral factors;
  • Conversion rates for branded queries are typically significantly higher than for classic queries.

Competent SEO work, combined with other marketing activities, will certainly start to positively influence brand awareness over time.

ROI of the campaign as a whole

Return on investment measures whether it is profitable for a company to invest in a given marketing channel.

You can read more about this in our blog post, and it is calculated using the following formula: ROI for SEO is usually low at first, and this figure improves with each month of work in kpis for referencing.

How to Choose the Right KPIs When Promoting a Website

It is not enough to start working on KPIs. It is also necessary to form the right set of metrics to track so that they can be truly influenced, are realistic, and have value for the business in changing them. Indeed, when promoting a site, you can manage with three indicators, and the SEO of another project can require three times more follow-up.

Here are some tips on how to determine the right KPIs for website promotion:

  • define clear objectives that you wish to achieve with the promotion of the site;
  • make a list of conversion actions, and determine which indicators affect their evolution;
  • determine where you are and what metrics you want to achieve;
  • select tools to track selected indicators and agree on a reporting format from implementers.

I hope you find this article useful. If after reading you have any questions – write in the comments. And if you are looking for a reliable internet marketing agency to promote your website, contact us and let’s discuss the details.

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