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High school students pitch business ideas to Casper entrepreneurs


CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – High school students from Casper, Cheyenne, Buffalo, Basin and Cody worked on a business idea for three weeks, then presented it to a jury.

Bryce Hebert, a high school student from Natrona County, said his business idea came from his passion for music. “I’ve been playing since fifth grade and love it,” Hebert said. The judges gave him feedback on his business and gave him ways to improve. “The judges said they were concerned about sustainability because it is expected since it is commodity driven. This is definitely one of the things to check and develop further, ”said Hebert.

Haley Adkins, a high school student from Kelly Walsh High School, said she pitched a clothing business idea. “I want to import clothing from wholesale stores, but we’re going to change it to be unique, like adding embroidery, screen printing and tailoring,” Adkins said.

The judges suggested that Adkins get his business online and occasionally have pop-up stores. Adkins adds that there was a lot more to starting a business than expected. “The business plan that we had to come up with, I had no idea how long it was taking,” Adkins said.

Hebert received $ 1,000 in seed capital to someday start his business. Adkins received $ 5,000 in start-up money and $ 3,000 for marketing. This experience is called Be Entreprenual from Impact Wyoming, a non-profit organization that aims to empower young Wyoming to contribute to the business development of their community.

These two high school students from Casper are grateful for the experience and want to run businesses in the future. “I think without [Be Entreprenual] I would have been so lost out of high school and now I think I know what I’m getting into, ”Adkins said.

“I want to make a name for myself and provide a service that hasn’t been perfected yet,” Hebert said.

Impact Wyoming runs another Be Entrepreneurial program in the fall and spring.

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