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Google launches ‘Pixel for Business’ website to attract buyers to its phones –

Recently, Google launched the “Pixel for business”To encourage businesses to buy Pixel phones. In addition, the company is also unveiling a new slogan “Built for Business”. According to Google, there are three basic reasons its devices are aimed at businesses:

Security and reliability

This section focuses on Google’s custom Titan M chip, which was first released with Pixel 3 in 2018 to protect the bootloader, prevent the operating system from reverting to an earlier version, and protect data on the device. In addition, the company also believes in its biometric security (face unlock on Pixel 4 and Imprint fingerprint sensor on all other devices). Google also offers 3 years of operating system and security updates. Another aspect of Google’s trustworthiness is Google Play Protect for app scanning and government / corporate security certification.

Manage devices seamlessly

The goal of this section is to simplify enterprise deployment through contactless registration. It does not involve manual settings, configuration through management APIs, and Android corporate recommendation status. For end users, there is a working model that separates personal information from business data, and there is also a hosted Google Play so they can decide which apps they can install.

Google Assistant

By highlighting the Google Assistant and getting the latest version of Android, users can “get help anytime, anywhere”. It fully integrates Gmail, Docs, Duo and Meet.

Google said Pixel phones have a host of tools and technologies to meet business needs for hardware, software, and built-in AI. It provides advanced security features, as well as security and operating system updates for at least three years.

According to Google, here’s why businesses should buy Pixel phones:

Pixel has all the tools and technologies to meet the needs of your business in terms of hardware, software and integrated AI. It offers advanced security features, as well as security and operating system updates for at least three years. It also comes with software to help you and your employees be more efficient. Plus, it can be easily integrated and managed by you to ensure the workflow is up to your standards at all times. Additionally, Pixel is part of the Android Enterprise Recommended program, which means it has been verified by Google to meet enterprise-level requirements for performance, consistency, and security updates.

In recent years, competition in the smartphone market has been intense. Google is very far from the top 10 smartphone manufacturers in the world. However, it appears that the company is working on a marketing strategy like the “Pixel for Business” website. Hopefully this new strategy focusing on security and easy management will generate sales for Google.

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