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Google Fiber 1 Gig Business plan gets a major price cut

Everyone loves to hear about big price drops, and this is no different. According to 9to5Google, business owners who need the internet should rejoice. Google Fiber has just obtained a significant price reduction for its 1 Gig package. This had to make way for another, more robust plan.

Google does a lot of things, and one of the things it does is provide the Internet. Google Fiber has been an option for businesses and families for quite some time. Although not as popular as AT&T or Verizon, it still has quite a bit of success. The company continues to provide internet to homes across the country.

Google Fiber got a big price drop for its 1 Gig business plan

Google Fiber has plans for personal use, but those won’t really cut it for business use. That’s why Google has business plans. Previously, you could get a plan with 1 Gbps download speed for $250/month for your business. That seemed like enough for most businesses, but Google wanted to change things up.

Now, that Google Fiber plan has received a huge 60% price cut to just $100/month. It must be a relief for people who are on this plane.

If you’re okay with spending $250/month on the Internet, the good news doesn’t end there. Google has added a new 2 Gig plan for $250/month.

In Other Google News: You can pay for articles with Play Points

You’re probably used to getting notifications every week about your Play Point deals. Google introduced Play Points to incentivize users to purchase items from the Play Store. When you win up to a certain amount, you can redeem them for gift cards.

However, Google changed the whole system to make things a little easier. Now, instead of earning up to a certain amount and cashing out, you can directly use your points to make purchases.

If you don’t have enough money to pay for an item, you can always use what you have to deduct money from the price. For every hundred Play Points, $1 is deducted from the prize.

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