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GetintheLoop Partners with Thryv to Bring Small Business Software to Canadian Market

KELOWNA, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GetintheLoop, Canada’s largest network of local stores, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Thryv Holdings, Inc. to bring Thryv’s small business management software to customers across the country.

Through its partnership with Thryv, GetintheLoop will connect Canadian SMBs to digital business processes and customer communications, creating operational efficiencies using Thryv’s unique platform that helps owners automate previously manual tasks. Through GetintheLoop’s famous relationships with chambers of commerce across the country and over 6,500 business partners, the partnership will use GetintheLoop’s reputation as an introductory and networking vehicle.

“We are excited about this partnership and its many benefits for both organizations and, most importantly, local businesses,” said Matt Crowell, Founder and CEO of GetintheLoop. “Together, we immediately increase the value we can bring to local businesses across Canada and create vast growth opportunities for our organization.

“Thryv looks forward to supporting small businesses in Canada,” said Marie Caron, President of International Markets for Thryv. “Our partnership with GetintheLoop is the starting point for educating Canadian SMBs on how using a SaaS cloud-based operations tool can be both financially and time-efficient. GetintheLoop’s understanding of the needs of SME owners in the region will be invaluable and the owners’ familiarity with GetintheLoop makes them a perfect fit.

More than 46,000 US SMBs use Thryv to manage their end-to-end operations, helping owners increase their bottom line. The partnership between GetintheLoop and Thryv enables SMBs to adopt an all-in-one mobile solution for business operations, including marketing, payments, analytics and more. As a GetintheLoop and Thryv partner in Canada, this company provides growth opportunities for companies and their stakeholders.

About GetintheLoop

GetintheLoop is a digital community of local stores that makes it easy to explore businesses, discover deals, redeem rewards, and get local support right from your phone. The platform is easy to use, allowing businesses to cover all angles of their digital marketing without being or needing to be a marketing expert. In addition to being a digital marketing platform that businesses can subscribe to, GetintheLoop offers a franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs to adopt a GetintheLoop marketplace and earn recurring revenue. For more information, visit

About Thryv Holdings, Inc.

Thryv Holdings, Inc is a global marketing software and services company that enables small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to grow and modernize their operations so they can compete and win in today’s economy. . More than 46,000 businesses use our award-winning SaaS platform, Thryv®, to manage their end-to-end operations, which has helped companies in the United States and abroad increase their bottom line. Thryv also manages the digital and print presence of over 400,000 businesses, connecting these SMBs to local consumers through proprietary local search portals and local directories. For more information about Thryv Holdings, Inc., visit

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