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Entrepreneurs invited to launch business ideas at SURGE Boostcamp

When Luciano Hernandez signed up for the Boostcamp cohort in 2020, the longtime entrepreneur didn’t know what to expect. He was amazed at how much he learned about launching a product.

“Being a part of this course taught me how to launch a new product, including validation, market and commercialization,” says Hernandez, owner of Spirit Fire Aftermarket Products. “Most importantly, SURGE and his mentors gave me the nudge and inspiration to move forward with our product launch. I would recommend the course to any entrepreneur who is serious about launching a successful product.

SURGE Boostcamp is a 16-week program that helps entrepreneurs build their high-tech startups or product-based businesses. It’s designed to give startups the boost they need to reach their next stages of growth by offering navigation, programming, events, meetups, and other resources.

Applications accepted until August 6

SURGE, powered by Lakeshore Advantage, is accepting applications for SURGE Boostcamp until August 6th.

This virtual business launch program is ideal for people looking to shape the ideas of their start-up business and want to test the waters first while still maintaining their day-to-day jobs. SURGE Boostcamp will take place Wednesday evenings, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., from September 8 to December 20. This is the third year that SURGE has run this program.

“SURGE Boostcamp is designed to get direct feedback from entrepreneurs in their target markets to then validate their business ideas. This information ensures that the entrepreneur creates a solution that can evolve into a viable business, ”says Amanda Chocko, Director of Entrepreneurship. “Learning is the main objective of the program. Some entrepreneurs will validate their business assumptions, others may “pivot” to a different market or fine-tune their solutions, and others may decide not to continue with their business at all and get on with their next big idea. “

16 weekly Zoom sessions

This program connects startups with mentors and divides methodologies widely used in many startup ecosystems into digestible sessions throughout the 16-week course. Each session, attended by mentors and startup founders, takes place via Zoom.

The weekly sessions include the start-up’s prep work, ranging from conducting interviews with clients to meeting with mentors. The Boostcamp methodology and weekly check-ins with cohort mentors and peer companies hold the start-up accountable for reaching milestones in the spirit of validating and developing the start-up’s business idea.

In addition to Spirit Fire Replacement Products, former graduates understand SolisMatica, G3 Acoustics, Revolin Sports, Anvil technology, and Orindi. Thirteen companies have graduated from SURGE Boostcamp to date.

No more than 10 companies will be selected to participate in this fall’s cohort. Applications are being accepted until August 6 for the Fall Cohort which kicks off September 8 and can be viewed at


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