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Data Insight Company Bearex Launches Revolutionary New Enterprise Software and Service

Bearex, a data analytics and aggregation company, today announced the launch of its innovative new service and software, giving business owners around the world a boost for the New Year.

Bearex offers both a premium service and advanced software that consolidates data from various sources into a simple and effective “Insights Hub”. The hub consists of custom data capture modules and dashboards allowing business owners to leverage insights to strengthen decision making, maximize profits, spot cost reduction opportunities and create a culture of responsibility.

In this market, the CEO of Bearex Tom Jurasekwants to ensure that no business is left behind.

“As someone who has always been passionate about the power of data – and its ability to increase productivity – I couldn’t be more excited to bring this game-changing product and service to market,” said Jurasek. “With the help of our software and data insights team, leaders will have access to the information they need to leave no wasted opportunity or unrealized profit. This company truly has the power to empower leaders. companies in our country and, by extension, our economy.

Most companies in the industry have heard of Software as a Service (SaaS), but rarely of Software and Service. Bearex’s custom data entry applications, data visualization and EOS implementation services with a qualified EOS implementer will allow business owners to focus on their master plan rather than the details.

“Bearex has changed the way we run our business,” said Jeff Vancancalbergh, president of Production Saw & Machine Co. “As a business owner, it’s almost impossible to see the big picture, but with Bearex’s revolutionary approach to data aggregation and organization, we can clearly see at a glance what opportunities we may have missed.

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