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Do you have a killer business idea? A killer business plan can help you make a successful business. However, creating a well-designed business plan is no easy task. You will not only need to flesh out your idea, but also make educated guesses and have a deep understanding of the different aspects of running a business, before you even start one.

It’s hard enough to figure out how to do it right, but there are several tools available to make this daunting task a little easier for future entrepreneurs. Instead of starting from scratch, here is a collection of business plan templates, software, apps, and services to help you start a business the right way with a professional business plan.

Business plan templates

Business plan templates show you exactly what a business plan is supposed to look like and what happens in each section. You can find them as downloadable business plans that you can copy and modify to suit your business, or as fill-out forms or Q&A. There are also different types of business plans: simple business plans that cover the basics, comprehensive plans that cover all aspects of a business, and those designed for a specific purpose, such as raising funds or finding funds. Commercial Partners. Here are some business plan templates to consider.

The $ 100 splash page business plan. One-page business plans make it easy to create a business plan by covering the basics of your business and how you plan to achieve its goals. Think of it like writing your business on a napkin, but with a purpose. One such business plan template is the $ 100 Startup One Page Business Plan. Just answer a few questions such as “What are you going to sell?” “” What are you going to charge? And “How will customers find out about your business?” in a few sentences and you’re good to go.

SCORE business plan templates. The small business resource SCORE offers a collection of free PDF and Word business plan templates for startups, established businesses, and even nonprofits. The organization also offers other types of business planning resources and templates, such as financial projections, market research, sales forecast, SWOT analysis, and more. Once your business plan is complete, you can meet with a SCORE mentor for feedback and advice. Looking for free business plan examples? has a wide range of them for all types of businesses, including retailers, online businesses, service providers, restaurants and more. These sample templates are accompanied by a table of contents and sections such as executive summary, company summary, products and services, financial planning, market analysis, and other business plan sections. standard business. offers over 500 sample business plans that can be downloaded in Word, PDF and other file formats.

Avocado Rocket. If you need to turn your business plan into a legal document, consult Rocket Lawyer. Rocket Lawyer allows you to create your own legal documents and gives you access to various legal services. Its business plans section allows you to create business plans in three steps: create, save and sign. You can also print and share your business plans for easy access. Rocket Lawyer’s business plans come with standard parts of a business plan, as well as sections for funding requests and an appendix for supporting documents.

Find more by using our list of free business plan templates for small businesses.

Business plan applications

You don’t have to be glued to your desk to create a business plan. There are several mobile business plan apps that will allow you to write a business plan anytime, anywhere, right on your smartphone or tablet. Here are two that are worth seeing.

StartPad. Recognized by Entrepreneur and Forbes, StartPad is one of the best business plan apps available for the iPad. This app offers a wide range of business planning resources, such as strategic business planning tutorials, professionally completed business plan examples, financial projections, and other reports. Business plans created on StartPad can also be exported as high-resolution PDFs or printed. The basic version of StartPad is free to download and use, but requires in-app purchases for additional functionality. Get StartPad from the Apple App Store.

Business plan and start up startup. Are you an Android user? Business Plan & Startup is the app for you. However, this app is not just for creating a business plan. It also aims to do three things for entrepreneurs: help start a business the right way with a well-designed business plan; keep them motivated and on track; and provide a community of fellow entrepreneurs, small business owners and experts to help guide users in creating their business plan and running their businesses. Business Plan & Startup can be downloaded from the Google Play market

Business plan services

Don’t want to use any of the above? Try an online business plan service, which walks you through the business plan writing process. The services offer tools similar to business plan software, such as document collections and chart generators, except that they typically offer business and legal specialists who can help you better understand the complexities of your business and your business plan. LivePlan and the SBA Business Plan Tool are two online business plan services to consider. Need funding ? Check out’s business plan service, This online business plan comes with a step-by-step guide to help you build your business plan and optimize it for investors. Business plans can also be fully tailored to your business with logos, graphics, layouts and designs customized to fit your brand. After you’ve developed your business plan, you can share and post it on’s crowdfunding site,, where you can connect with investors and add things like photos and videos. to showcase your business.

Live plan. LivePlan is a cloud-based business plan service that offers everything from document generation and planning tools, financial calculators, referral resources and more. The service guides you through each component of the business plan and provides step-by-step instructions and advice depending on the objective of your business plan (business start-up, business development, financing, etc. )

SBA Business Plan Tool. The US Small Business Administration (SBA) Business Plan Tool covers everything from executive summary and company description to market research, product line, marketing and sales, and financial projections in detail. You can also personalize your business plan with your company logo, as well as save, print and update your business plan as needed.

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