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Arts and business in the national business plan competition

Vibe Corporation. High school of arts and business, virtual business presentation team. Back Row – Alleana Pabololot, Nate Cruz, Liz Lopez. Front row – Jashenne Bajolo, Stephanie Gamez (CEO) and Amy Lazo.

Virtual Enterprises (VE) has announced that students at the High School for Arts and Business are among the top 40 finalists in VE’s prestigious National Business Plan Competition, which will run from April 12-22, 2021. The competition, which runs as normal in New York, will take place online due to COVID restrictions.

To qualify as finalists, the students’ business plan and oral presentation for their VIBE CORPORATION virtual business placed third in the 2021 finals in New York City. Last year’s New York champions will now face other finalists across the country.

The National Business Plan Competition is part of the one-year VE program that provides more than 16,500 students with the opportunity to start and run virtual businesses at 430 schools across the country each year. Three hundred and ten (310) schools across the United States competed for a place in the final of the National Business Plan Competition. At the start of the school year, the students created the company, Vibe Corp., a virtual enterprise that designs, develops, markets and sells the digital holistic wellness self-care companion – The Aura. The Aura was developed for consumers who want effective, fun and interactive improvements in their mental, physical and emotional well-being. Vibe Corporation’s team of hardworking and energetic students are now eagerly preparing for the tough competition ahead.

Vibe Corporation CEO Stephanie Gamez describes the program as valuable business learning, having applied the skills learned in the entrepreneurship course and her learning experience in the workplace. Stéphanie and her team would like a story as they covet the community’s support in their challenge for the national championship.

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Ana R. Zambrano-Burakov, Director

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