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Applied Business Software Releases The Mortgage Office PRO Upgrade

Applied Business Software Inc. (ABS), a loan origination and management software company in the private lending industry, has released The Mortgage Office PRO, an enhanced version of its desktop software. This release includes full loan management functionality, resulting in a seamless online user experience between origination and management.

Mortgage Office PRO is more flexible, more powerful and easier to use. It’s completely web-based, allowing lightning-fast login, edits, and downloads. It also features an intuitive interface, built-in integrations, the ability to run background processes, and mobile capability for users on the go. Last fall, ABS launched its online loan origination platform.

ABS will be rolling out the PRO version gradually.

“At ABS, we always seek to prioritize our customers’ needs when developing our product roadmap and pay very close attention to their feedback,” said Jasen Portero, chief operating officer at ABS, who led the whole project. “The development of The Mortgage Office PRO is a direct result of this process, and the enthusiastic user response so far is testament to the dedication of our entire team.”

Photo: Doug Vos on Unsplash

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