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Applied Business Software Inc. Announces Triple Growth in Second Quarter Sales

LONG BEACH, Calif., August 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Applied Business Software Inc., (“ABS”), the leader in loan origination and management software for private loans, today announced that it closed the second quarter with tripled sales growth of its Adjustable Rate Mortgage (“ARM”) Software.

Despite fears of an economic slowdown and high CPI inflation, Applied Business Software Inc. reported increased sales of its ARM software this past quarter. Although ARMs tend to be attractive to borrowers as rates rise, they have not been popular since the financial mortgage crisis of 2008. RESPA regulations have helped the adjustable rate mortgage environment, and ABS’ market-leading ARM product continues to help lenders through the complexities of managing an ARM loan.

All features of Adjustable Rate Mortgages can be found on The Mortgage Office’s new website: Adjustable Rate Mortgage Software – The Mortgage Office

“With the historical changes in interest rates, the demand for managing ARMs and The Mortgage Office is in a class of its own in this category. Our clients benefit from the software managing fluctuating indices based on their individual characteristics as well as rates and automatically changing borrowers notifications. We continue to meet the needs of our customers as The Mortgage Office grows and this increase in sales reflects our meeting market demands as a leader in private lending,” said Carlos NodarseCEO of ABS.

About Applied Enterprise Software

Applied Business Software is a market leader and global provider of software systems and solutions for the lending industry. ABS offers a full suite of software products designed from the ground up to specifically meet the needs of those who originate and service loans. All of our products are consistently ranked higher in terms of design, system interface, extensibility, and ease of use. ABS continually updates its product line, always keeping it ahead of the curve with ever-changing technology and compliant with the rules and regulations that affect the industry. It offers a SaaS concurrent licensing model that meets the needs of businesses of all sizes. ABS is based on Long Beach, California. For more information about ABS products and services, visit or call (800) 833-3343.

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