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All-in-One Small Business Software Bundle – Integrated


Miami, United States, January 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Stellar Pay’s software package provides products and applications similar to those currently used by most major companies in a very cost-effective manner. With Stellar Pay software, the kinds of applications and technologies that large enterprises pay millions of dollars a year to use are made available to small businesses for just a few hundred dollars a month.

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The recently announced software package offers a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to many services and applications offered by resellers, who often mark up their costs without offering Stellar quality of service.

The company offers products and services that have been created in-house with state-of-the-art technology. They have also greatly upgraded expensive imported products which are in high demand with minimal price markup.

The company has bundled these expensive but in-demand products into a single cloud-based dashboard they call “the mothership.” This handy collection of essential business technology solutions will revolutionize the way small business owners work by dramatically increasing small business performance and efficiency.

The package includes a comprehensive set of marketing materials, including e-commerce, landing pages, email and SMS messaging, gift card and rewards marketing, state-of-the-art CRM, payment tools and, amazingly, access to over 500 other valuable apps and tools. It offers the commercial technology used by much larger companies, but at a significantly lower cost. All these products and applications are integrated into a single control panel, which makes them easy to manage.

Over a decade ago, Stellar Pay senior management developed low-cost apps to help small business owners compete with retail giants. Today, their “mothership” of commercial technology products and services is the only complete system of its kind in the industry that they know of. The dramatic cost savings will help small business owners significantly increase their revenue and profits while simultaneously reducing their liabilities.

A company spokesperson said, “We are launching our complete solution for business owners at a significantly lower cost than what others are paying for just one of our competitors’ products or applications. We have over 500 available now, with a dozen more ready to launch under the same platform. Stellar Pay has done what others have said is impossible, or just plain insane, by initially offering this comprehensive package at just a few hundred dollars a month.

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