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9 Ways To Use AI Tools On Your Business Website


Artificial intelligence (AI) is making a giant leap in everyday life. While we haven’t reached a point where AI is hyperintelligent and capable of doing things without supervision, we can benefit from it through tools.

Today, small businesses and individuals can use AI tools to support different marketing Activities.

With the right tools and the right applications, it is possible to automate time-consuming tasks and develop your business.

What kinds of AI tools can you use? Let’s take a look at some areas where AI can help a business run their website and also take care of other important business activities.

Let’s get started.

Spam filtering

Allowing comments on your blog posts will help you engage with your audience and learn more about what they’re thinking.

But in the process, you will also be inundated with spam content that contains inappropriate material. One of the most useful tools you can use is an AI plugin for spam filtering. Akismet is just such a tool that automatically installs itself on any WordPress site.

spam emails | Image Credit: vectorjuice / freepik

A smart spam filtering tool will automatically prevent spam comments from getting through. But it will also give you the option to approve real reviews from real users.

This way, you prevent your audience from encountering inappropriate posts while reading your posts.

AI Chatbots

AI chatbots make it possible to develop personalized communication with your audience.

AI Chatbots
IA chatbot concept | Image credit: freepik

Having human customer support teams chatting with your website visitors or dealing with every minor question around the clock is expensive. It also keeps your team from solving major issues as they are busy answering questions that can be easily pulled from your website or database.

An AI chatbot tool can help you by

  • Provide precise answers to specific questions that require the bot to refer to a database. For example, shipping updates and the opening time of your store
  • Personalize interactions on your website. A chatbot can reach out to subscribers and customers who return to your website by name and offer special discounts tailored to their needs.
  • Integration with other platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook and more as people today use social media to talk to brands

A chatbot handles minor interactions well and can address a large number of users without you having to call in more people to respond to chat messages. This allows your sales and support staff to deal with complex customer issues that require their attention.

Grammar checkers

AI can help a business write content by spotting grammar and spelling mistakes.

Grammar check | Image credit: freepik

By using a grammar checker on your website and other platforms, you save time and improve your web copy. A great AI grammar checker will also suggest an alternate wording that will make your copy more appealing to online readers.

Translation services

One area where AI shines is translating your content into other languages.

An AI plugin will automatically translate your website for users in other countries. And in this way, you will increase the reach of your business worldwide.

Translation service
Concept Design Translator | Image credit: gesrey / freepik

The translation services provided by AI are largely accurate. However, you should be wary of depending entirely on this one. In a few cases, the nuances of the language can be poorly communicated.

It’s always a good idea to use an AI tool and then have your material checked by a skilled human translator.

Sentiment analysis

Keeping track of what people are saying about your brand online is a gigantic task. Some of the world’s biggest brands have millions of subscribers across multiple platforms.

Even tracking content created by a few hundred people is difficult to do manually.

Social media management tools powered by AI allow businesses to find tweets, public posts, and similar content about their brand or industry.

And not only that, they can run sentiment analysis to assess the emotion behind a message. AI can detect whether a message is positive, negative, or neutral.

This makes it easy to identify potential PR issues and take immediate action to resolve the issues. It helps you manage your brand reputation and find new opportunities to create solutions based on what people say.

Find malicious code

It is essential to protect your website against hacking attempts by using the right security tools. Today there are WordPress plugins that use AI to analyze your website and detect malicious code.

Detect the code
woman working on code | Image credit: Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

The problematic code will be flagged and you can deal with it before it gets out of hand. Likewise, AI-based security tools can prevent hacking attempts. Investing in security is one of the most important things you need to do to provide peace of mind and avoid future losses.

Do you run a blogging platform or a news post? Or maybe you offer curated content on the web to provide your audience with trending and relevant content.

Woman showing content text on laptop screen | Image credit: freepik

Find relevant content is time consuming work. And the one that is best left in the hands of an AI tool.

A useful application of AI is using natural language processing to “understand” the content of different websites. Based on specific keywords and phrases, an AI content aggregation tool can automatically create a feed with content.

This way, you can deliver relevant information quickly and create value for your audience by providing them with useful content.

Business name generator

Imagine working hours and days to find the perfect brand name only to find out it’s already in use or the domain name is taken.

An AI base name generator tool is exactly what you need to make sure you come up with some awesome names for your YouTube channel, business, or podcast. And at the same time, you will know if your domain name is available for purchase.

AI Title Analyzer

You can create the most informative and interesting content in the body of your email or blog post, but it doesn’t matter if the subject line and title aren’t appealing.

To create an awesome headline, you need to compare your headline or subject line to industry tested metrics.

For example, your subject line contain emotion? Unusual words? Or is it in an “X ways” format? To understand whether or not your headline is effective, use a headline analysis tool to help.

A title or subject line analyzer will compare your title to the preset parameters and evaluate it. You will get advice on what to modify to create an impact. Working with this type of tool will attract more eyes to your content and increase conversions.


We’ve covered several ways you can use AI to protect and grow your business. And what’s impressive is that these AI tools are readily available and inexpensive for small businesses. You don’t need to invest in AI technology in-house or learn it from scratch to use it.

Refer to the tools suggested here and immediately start benefiting from AI in your business.

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