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8 business ideas to consider in 2022

People watch the fireworks display on the San Juan City Hall grounds on Dec. 3, 2021. George Calvelo, ABS-CBN News

It’s always exciting to start the new year with a clean slate. So why not consider starting a new business? I know some of you have thought about taking this step, but probably had doubts about which type of business to choose.

You might be wondering why start a business in the midst of the pandemic? But being an entrepreneur involves risks, whatever the situation.

The pandemic should not prevent you from achieving your goals. Instead of harboring all those negative thoughts, do some research. It will definitely take hard work on your part and a lot of patience.

So here are some business ideas to get you started.

1. Digital Marketing Services
This business was already hot even before the pandemic. Businesses have realized the importance of having a virtual presence, regardless of the size of the business. You can offer web development, content writing, and social media marketing along with digital marketing.

2. Street food
In other countries like Thailand, Taiwan, and Korea, street food is trending. Filipinos have always enjoyed eating street food. No matter how many street food carts there are in an area, people will definitely flock to them as long as the taste is good and the price is affordable.

3. Cleaning Services
We have become more aware now of the importance of our health. And the usual cleaning we do may not be enough to keep our family safe. Cleaning services that offer to sanitize have been in demand since the start of the pandemic.

4. Buy and sell
Nowadays, you can practically sell anything – from gadgets, appliances, furniture to cars. A large, growing company sells food products directly from manufacturers at market prices.

5. Cooking
Only now have I realized how many creative bakers we have in the Philippines. We used to rely solely on popular bakeries, but now many have turned their pastry hobbies into profitable businesses.

6. Water filling stations
This is a business that is unlikely to fail as long as hygiene is always practiced and excellent customer service is provided. Choose a strategic location, for example near an office, in order to be their supplier.

7. Laundry
More and more people have their clothes cleaned by laundromats.

8. Vlogging
If you have the confidence to speak in front of a camera, this is a great way to earn some cash. You may have seen many celebrities start creating their own YouTube channels. Building the audience can take time. But if your heart is in sharing and you want to help others learn, this platform may be for you.

The pandemic is unlikely to end soon despite the rollout of vaccines, so you shouldn’t put your life goals on hold. However, never rush in without knowing what you’re getting into. Don’t think about starting a business just to have one. You don’t want to waste your time and resources and end up completely broke.

Hoping the new year brings you success in your business! Happy New Year everyone!

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