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7 new small business ideas to get started

Have you sought to take more control over your financial success? Many people feel the same way right now, especially with the upheaval there is in the traditional workplace.

Whether you’re looking for a small side gig to provide extra income or even something to become your new career, there are thriving options.

Courtesy of Paths to Wealthhere are seven of the best small business ideas right now.

Creation of websites

Every business has a website these days, but not everyone knows how to create one. If you have the knowledge, you can grow a great business by creating professional looking pages for others.

Etsy Shops

Have you always been good at making your own creations? If your friends and family have praised your creativity, maybe you could make it a shop on Etsy. People use the platform to sell handmade products like clothes, jewelry, and artwork.


Earn more passive income by renting out your space for guests to stay in while you’re away. If you keep a good house, you can increase your income with minimal extra effort.

Cleaning services

People are busier than ever these days and eventually some responsibilities are starting to get let go. If you’re good at keeping everything neat and organized, you can make a living cleaning up for others.

Meal delivery

Services like UberEats have proven that there’s a big market for people who want convenient meals. In fact, work related to this business model has grossed over $43 billion in 2020.

personal trainers

Some people find it easier to stick to a healthy routine than others. Many have struggled since the onset of Covid to be consistent with healthy habits. If fitness comes naturally to you, it might be something you can help others with.

Caring for Elders

This specifically concerns cases of elderly people who wish to continue living at home. Although they may not want to go to assisted living, they still need help at home.

Starting a small business can be a great way to claim your financial independence. If you’ve been frustrated waiting for more opportunities at work, it might be time to bet on your own success.

For an overview of the full list of small businesses doing well right now, read The Ways to Wealth post here.


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