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5 Proven Shipping Container Business Ideas

Oith the high cost of building materials, emerging entrepreneurs have resorted to alternative building materials to construct commercial premises at a reasonable cost. In particular, the shipping container business has become popular due to their cost and the time required to adapt them to your business.

It is common these days to see a store made from a shipping container. Others include cafes, restaurants, etc.

Here are 9 proven shipping container business ideas especially for startups:


Shipping containers can be a great premise for starting a bookstore, especially if you’re looking to start small. A bookstore a distinct advantage; it does not require too much space. All you need is space to install a few shelves and a space where you can put a chair and a computer for tracking transactions.

2. Mobile Shop

A shipping container can be used to house a store selling fast-moving consumer goods such as tissues. Containers can also be used to sell sweets, cakes, cookies, etc. This type of stores can be placed in strategic areas of cities.

3. Office space

Office space is incredibly expensive these days. If you can’t afford an expensive workplace, try setting up your office in a shipping container. Not only is this a cost-effective solution, but if you’re a business that prides itself on minimizing waste, it may be more in line with your brand.

A chic shipping container can speak to your customers more than the top floor of a corporate building. Alternatively, you can also just use your shipping container office as an office and warehouse to run an online store.

4. Apartment for rent

Much like a pre-fab building, shipping containers can be easily stacked, combined, or broken down and used as parts to create a multi-story building with hallways, stairs, and more. Due to their high quality steel exterior, they are extremely safe buildings to live in. This can be a source of income when rented out.

5.Repair workshop

A shipping container can be ideal for repair shops for items such as computers, televisions, telephones, and other appliances.

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