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5 promising ideas from IT startups in Israel to pursue this year

There are several promising Israeli startups in the information technology (IT) field to pursue this year. Israel’s tech ecosystem has flourished in recent years. In fact, there are over 5,000 pioneering and forward-looking startups located in this innovative country. Of course, this is one of the highest numbers of start-ups per capita worldwide. If you are planning to launch a tech company in 2021, Israel is one of the top destinations to consider. As a progressive leader in enterprise software development, autonomous driving, and cybersecurity, there are many opportunities to explore in Israel. To get you started, read on to learn more about the most promising Israeli IT startup ideas to pursue this year.

Drone companies
First, drone companies have seen a massive surge in Israel’s growing tech economy. Many Israeli entrepreneurs have launched innovative startups specializing in end-to-end drone delivery services. However, there is a plethora of additional opportunities to consider in this industry. For example, consider starting a drone business focused on security surveillance, mapping, or surveying. Likewise, you can start your own drone business focused on commercial building, underwater and industrial inspections. For example, companies can use drones to investigate possible oil spills. Other profitable opportunities include search and rescue, as well as photography for real estate, sporting events or wildlife. Certainly, drone companies are a great business to pursue in Israel this year.
Enterprise software development
In addition, there are many opportunities in the business software development industry in Israel. While custom software development has traditionally been reserved for tech experts, there are several advanced tools and resources that have made the process much simpler. For example, you can use a Helm repository for access control and privacy. At the same time, these resources provide massively scalable storage, which is certainly capable of providing enterprise-ready repository management. By leveraging these tools, Israeli startups were able to reduce the complexity of deployment, improve overall efficiency, and accelerate adoption of new applications. Absolutely, enterprise software development is a key business idea to pursue in the field of startups in Israel.

Health and well-being monitoring
Next, many tech enthusiasts explored computer startup opportunities in artificial intelligence (AI) -based health and wellness monitoring. Using facial recognition video technology, these solutions provide real-time, medical-grade vital sign calculations. This way, users can assess their stress, oxygen saturation levels, and respiratory rate by simply scanning their face. Of course, this is causing major disruptive changes in the digital transformation of the healthcare industry. By leveraging this technology, medical professionals have been able to optimize virtual trials, remote patient monitoring and preventative medicine. Certainly, health and wellness monitoring companies have exploded in Israel in recent years.

Autonomous vehicles
Of course, many profitable Israeli tech companies specialize in self-driving, driverless, or self-driving vehicles. Essentially, autonomous vehicles are cars that can sense the environment around them. This way, they can move safely between destinations with minimal human interaction. Many Israeli tech startups are looking for integrative driver assistance solutions, as well as partial, conditional and high automation in everyday vehicles. In fact, some companies are exploring the possibilities of fully automating vehicles or putting autonomous trucks on the road. Of course, these startups have the potential to reduce pollution, offer greater mobility options, and optimize transport interconnectivity. Indeed, autonomous vehicles are a great idea for your next startup in Israel.

Data-driven decision-making platforms
Additionally, there are several Israeli tech companies that function as data-driven decision-making platforms. Typically, these solutions are used to revolutionize the way local governments, social groups and committees make choices. In this way, businesses can promote engagement rates, conduct streamlined surveys, and collect data in real time. Of course, launching businesses in this sector contributes to community engagement, listening to the silent majority, as well as building confidence. If you are considering starting this type of business, you will need to be highly skilled in data analysis, communication, and organization. Undoubtedly, data-driven business intelligence startups are a great company to consider in 2021.

There are several promising Israeli IT startups to pursue this year. First, consider pursuing a drone business. First, consider starting a business that specializes in drones. Also, explore business opportunities in enterprise software development. Next, consider business opportunities in health and wellness monitoring. Of course, consider starting a business focused on autonomous vehicle technology. Additionally, consider starting your own data-driven decision-making IT startup. Follow the points highlighted above to learn more about the most promising Israeli IT startup ideas to pursue this year.

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