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46 business ideas for vacant land

If you own a piece of land and you don’t know what to do with it, there are many vacant land business ideas that can turn that empty space into profit. Here are some best small business ideas for vacant land.

Earn passive income from vacant land

Small business owners don’t need to put in tons of continuous effort to manage business ideas on vacant land. If you are looking for a business opportunity that earns you passive income, consider renting the space to other businesses or vendors for advertising, market space, or recreational activities. You may just need to pay a management company to maintain the grounds.

Money-Making Business Ideas for Vacant Land

If you have empty private land, here are some ideas that can earn you consistent passive income or big profits.

1. Golf course business

Work with a landscaper to create your own golf course and earn income for every tee time.

2. Tiny House Estate

A small house building company can provide space for people to set up their small houses temporarily or permanently. Or you can simply use the land to showcase properties.

3. Outdoor Shooting Range

Set up targets and safety barriers and allow licensed gun owners to practice shooting sports or self-defense training.

4. Goat farm

Goat farming is becoming increasingly popular for those interested in their milk, fur or pasture.

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5. Solar energy company

Build solar panels on your land and offer energy to residents and local businesses. Or lease land from local energy providers.

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6. Dairy business

A dairy farm typically invests in dairy cows and production equipment to collect milk for various food and beverage products.

7. Christmas Tree Farm

Plant lots of evergreens and let visitors choose their own Christmas trees each winter.

8. Outdoor Advertising Company

Build large billboards and let companies rent advertising space. This is especially useful for roadside terrain.

9. Storage facility

Set up large shipping containers or warehouses with storage units to rent space to businesses or individuals.

10. Landfill Company

Scrapyards allow residents to drop off waste or recyclable materials. You can also earn money by collecting certain items like metal or car parts.

11. Stable Company

Build stables and invest in horses or simply let local riders rent space for their animals.

12. Firewood Company

If your land has trees that need to be cut, sell the wood to local owners.

13. Outdoor Art Installation

Set up an outdoor gallery or attraction that people can visit. Charge a fee or work with local advertisers to monetize.

14. Parking business

If your land is strategically located near popular attractions, tar it and charge for the parking space.

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15. Campground

Create a destination where people can set up tents or RVs and enjoy the outdoors.

16. Traditional farming

Plant food crops or invest in farming supplies and sell locally to food vendors.

17. Wind farm

Build wind turbines and sell the energy to local suppliers or consumers.

18. Pet Park Business

Create a comfortable green space where people can bring their dogs or other animals. You can charge a membership fee or just let relevant companies post billboards.

19. Outdoor Photography Studio

Create a beautiful backdrop for photos, then make the space available for local photographers.

20. Outdoor Yoga Studio

Many people enjoy practicing yoga outdoors. So host local events or partner with traditional studios to charge a fee for each session.

21. Outdoor skating rink

For those living in cold climates, create an ice rink and charge a fee for each visit or just earn money on extras like skate rentals and snacks.

22. Ephemeral installation

Provide space that local businesses and communities can rent for special events like food truck festivals and fundraisers.

23. Summer camp

With a few campsites and recreational activities, you can turn your land into a fun space where the kids will spend a few weeks each summer.

24. Sports grounds

This company would partner with schools or leagues to provide space for various outdoor recreational activities, such as baseball or soccer.

25. Children’s Zoo

Gather friendly animals to provide a unique experience for families. Many of these companies also offer other activities like hay rides.

26. Farmer’s Market

Set up a space where local farmers and vendors can bring their wares each week. You can earn money by charging vendor fees or simply taking a percentage of each roadside farm stand.

27. Nursery

Organize a greenhouse or roadside plant market where people can buy gardening supplies and houseplants. Use the rest of your land to grow produce.

28. Mobile Home Park

Mobile home parks often provide permanent space for people to live in recreational vehicles or manufactured homes. So it’s an easy way to earn a consistent income from month to month.

29. Open Air Theater

With a large screen and a parking area, you can accommodate families in a nostalgic drive-in movie theater. Earn money through admission and/or concessions. You can even hire the theater for special events.

30. Vineyard

For those who live in areas that can accommodate vines, grow your own grapes and invest in winemaking equipment. Sell ​​directly to markets and restaurants or welcome visitors for tastings.

31. Hunting Property

If your land space has deer or other animals, welcome licensed hunters in exchange for a fee. Some hunting companies also offer guided experiences.

32. Paintball facility

Paintball is a group activity that requires a lot of open space. Create a course with obstacles and provide basic equipment for players.

33. Concert hall

Host musicians for outdoor concerts, earn money through space rentals, advertising and admission.

34. Event Rentals

Alternatively, you can offer your space for private events like weddings or corporate events. This can be especially useful if you have attractive scenery nearby.

35. Landscape Supply Company

Sell ​​large landscaping supplies like tractors and riding mowers, using your land as a warehouse and a space for customers to see the products in action.

36. Rental of land

If you want to get as little involved in your vacant land business as possible, simply lease the space long-term to a farmer or developer. For developments such as housing estates or commercial properties, you will need to accept that your vacant land contains certain permanent structures.

37. Beach resort

Create a glamping resort or vacation destination with plenty of outdoor space. This requires more setup than many other vacant land business ideas. But you can also simply rent the space to a promoter interested in creating this type of attraction.

38. Woodworking

Create a large shed or workshop where you can create furniture or other creations that you sell to shops or consumers.

39. Nature Reserve

Create a beautiful natural area that people can pay a small fee to visit. You can offer hiking trails, beautiful gardens, ponds or unique landscapes to attract visitors to your vacant lot.

40. Farm Equipment Company

Sell ​​equipment directly to farmers, from animal feed to irrigation equipment, using your land as a showcase.

41. Beekeeping

Beekeepers set up hives and maintain populations. You can earn money with materials like honey and beeswax, or apply for environmental grants.

42. Wireless Tower Rental

Rent your land to internet and phone service providers so they can build towers. This is especially in demand in rural areas without existing strong connections.

43. Kart track

This type of recreational activity can include multiple activities, from go-karting to mini-golf. This is ideal if your vacant lot is close to other activities and attractions, or in a popular tourist destination.

44. Holiday-Themed Attractions

Install seasonal attractions like Christmas lights or haunted hay rides. Charge an admission fee and earn passive income through listings or rentals for the rest of the year.

45. Cemetery

Cemeteries work with local families, churches and funeral homes to provide land for final resting places. You may need a few small buildings, but most vacant lots can stay open, as long as you take care of them as the space is used.

46. ​​Land Conservation Company

If your land includes important resources like animals or water sources, you can apply for government grants that incentivize you to leave the land exactly as it is.

How can you make money from empty land?

There are many ways to make money from vacant land. You can rent the space for various outdoor activities, such as hunting or hiking. You can also set up simple structures to facilitate outdoor advertising or rent the space to energy providers or mobile phone companies.

What is the best business idea for a vacant lot?

The best vacant land business ideas depend on your goals. However, if you are looking for a way to earn consistent income in the future, consider partnering with an alternative energy provider to lease the land for a solar or wind power installation.

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