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30 Online Business Ideas – Small Business Trends

Today, it’s easier than ever to start a business without a physical location. In fact, there are many business models that can be run entirely online. Whether you’re looking to cut costs or travel the world while pursuing your own career, here are some online business ideas to consider.

The online business market in 2022

More and more industries are moving towards fully online models. And consumers are increasingly open to buying products and services online. From e-commerce businesses to online service providers, there are plenty of opportunities to make a significant profit with just an internet connection.

Why Should You Consider Starting an Internet Business

If you are planning to start a great e-business idea, here are some benefits you could get:

  • To save money: Many online businesses only need a domain and hosting. And some can even be started without these costs.
  • Set your own schedule: As your own boss, you can choose when to work. Most online functions can be scheduled in advance or you can simply work at your own pace.
  • Manage your business wherever you are: Online businesses don’t just offer time freedom. You can also work from anywhere.
  • Reach customers worldwide: The internet is accessible all over the world, so you can start a lucrative business without limiting your customer base to your region.
  • Scale quickly: With a solid online business idea, you can start small, but grow quickly once you acquire additional resources.

Best Online Business Ideas

There is no shortage of small online business ideas that can be run entirely on the internet. If you’re looking for ideas for online businesses, check out the full list below.

1. Open an online store

Online stores can sell physical or digital products. With the former, you’ll also need to purchase inventory or supplies and have a place to store them. However, you can use options such as fulfillment or drop-shipping services to handle the logistics for you. These services charge a fee; so you’ll need to factor that into your start-up costs.

2. Launch your own website

Websites can earn money based on advertisements, sponsored content or services. Think about a particular audience you can serve and direct your site and marketing towards them.

3. Start a Consulting Business

Consultants can virtually work with clients to help them with everything from business development to healthy living. Consultants generally provide individual advice, but allow their clients to handle the actual work themselves.

4. Develop online courses

Think about what you can teach people and develop a ready-made course that they can buy and take at their own pace. There are also course marketplace sites that you can use to simplify the process in exchange for a reduction in your income.

5. Specialize in Search Engine Optimization

Help other businesses improve their website with keywords and other features to increase traffic. These business owners often have some web development experience, or you may just understand search engines and follow relevant industry trends.

6. Conduct market research

Work with other businesses in your state or around the world, providing surveys and other research tools to help them learn more about their customers.

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7. Start a YouTube channel

YouTube offers an ad sharing program for creators with large audiences, so you automatically earn income based on video views. Some content creators also earn revenue through sponsored content, promotional partnerships, or their own product lines.

8. Try Social Media Marketing

Provide social media content creation and management for other businesses, marketing yourself on your own website and channels. You can offer general content planning and publishing services, or specialize in a single platform like Facebook or TikTok.

10. Offer virtual assistant services

Virtual assistants can help with inbox management, scheduling, and data entry. Market your services or research job postings to find those perfect clients. This online business idea is perfect for beginners because it has little to no start-up costs and you don’t need any formal skills or training to get started.

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11. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is about posting links on your website or content and getting paid when someone buys something through them. This can be a business model in itself. Or you can use it as an additional source of income for a blog or social media business.

12. Start an online membership

Create an online community by starting a membership site. Your readers or subscribers can then pay a monthly fee to join and access your content or participate in your community features.

13. Offer virtual tutoring services

Work with clients one-on-one using video chat platforms, email or texting apps to connect. Some tutors help with specific topics, while others offer more general support or help with test preparation.

14. Sign up for online marketplaces

You can sell products without creating your own online store; Just sign up on marketplace sites like eBay or Amazon and they will take some of your earnings.

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15. Self-published eBooks

If you want to write a book, self-publishing lets you do it all on your own. You can even create eBooks so readers can download your content instead of getting a physical copy.

16. Help businesses with digital marketing

If you have marketing expertise, help other businesses promote their business online. You can offer a range of services or focus on one area like content marketing or Pinterest.

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17. Become a web developer

Many other companies outsource their web design and development, so offer these services virtually.

18. Become a social media influencer

Build a dedicated social media following. Then offer sponsored content and partnerships with relevant brands.

19. Offer graphic design services

Help other businesses create logos and other graphics while working remotely.

20. Translate online content

If you speak multiple languages, offer translation services for online content or documents.

21. Start a blog

Bloggers can earn revenue through sidebar ads, sponsored content, or paywalls. Find a niche that you can serve with valuable content, then promote your blog on relevant online communities and social media accounts.

22. Become a freelance writer

You can also offer writing services for other blogs or online publications on a contractual basis. Sign up for job boards where you can connect with website owners or promote your services on your own site or on social media platforms.

23. Sell stock photos

Photographers, take photos and upload them to photo sites, where others can upload them for a fee or membership.

24. Develop mobile apps

If you are interested in a mobile business niche, develop your own mobile apps and sell them through app stores. Or develop mobile apps for other companies for a hefty fee.

25. Provide Virtual Physical Training

For fitness enthusiasts interested in starting an online business, offer personal training services using video chat platforms.

26. Create and sell handmade products

If you specialize in a craft like knitting or sewing, start your own e-commerce business using a platform like Etsy.

27. Design print-on-demand t-shirts

You can also start your own business using print-on-demand services like Redbubble or Society6. You upload your own designs and they print them on products like t-shirts and mugs.

28. Buy and sell domains

Other entrepreneurs looking to start an online business must first purchase a domain to create their own business website or e-commerce site. Buy popular options, then create your own site to sell them for a profit.

29. Specialized in cybersecurity

Today’s small business owners need to be wary of cybersecurity issues. If you’re good at this, offer consulting services or managed IT support to vulnerable small business owners.

30. Create online advertisements

Graphic designers or those with advertising experience can help other small businesses create their own online advertising campaigns. You can specialize in PPC ads, mobile ads, or visual content.

What is the most profitable online business idea?

If you want to start your own online business, you might be wondering “what is the most profitable business option?” The answer varies depending on your situation. However, scalable ideas like creating online courses or influencing social media tend to pay off the most over time.

What are the most successful online small businesses?

The most successful online business ideas vary depending on your goals and expertise. However, the following options tend to be relevant in a variety of niches and able to evolve over time:

  • Application development
  • Drop shipping company
  • Social Media Influencer Accounts
  • Membership / Niche Websites
  • Publication of electronic books

Which online business is the easiest to start?

If you’re looking to start an online business quickly, consider service-based businesses like VAs and freelance writers. You can register with VA marketplace sites in just minutes and find relevant companies to work with. These aren’t the most scalable online business ideas, but they can get you started quickly. And then you can rotate in time if you want.

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