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3 cool business ideas for students


Many famous billionaires claim that if they could have stepped back in time, they would have started their business earlier. Entrepreneurship is a real option for young people today, which offers several advantages at an older age.

The sooner you promote your business talents, the better positioned you will be for your future career. We suggest to consider some interesting ideas with minimal investment that each student can implement.

Why is this important

Entrepreneurship helps young people to develop both personally and professionally. Some of the benefits of pursuing business ideas as a student include:

  • Commercial experience. Of course, college or business school can teach you theories and formulas, but nothing is better and more effective than doing business in practice, with all the nuances and the social, political and economic context. . When you graduate you will know how things really work.
  • Confident leadership. Develop your personal skills in empathy, delegation, stress management, communication with clients, etc. Student entrepreneurs have an advantage over other graduates when they enter the workforce. The leadership skills they learn in practice are just as valuable as the knowledge they gain in college.
  • Important contacts. Even before you graduate, you’ll already have established a network of contacts with people you can turn to for advice, mentorship, business partnerships, or employment.
  • Career outlook. By starting your own business, you will understand your vulnerabilities and hidden talents. At 17, choosing what you want to do your whole life is almost impossible. Entrepreneurship helps you understand what your measure of success is, what you want and where you need to go next.
  • Profitable outlook. The resume of the average college graduate is usually monotonous, boring, and doesn’t stand out in any way. Even if your entrepreneurial experience as a student is not entirely successful, in the race for talent, the “company founder” section of your CV will stand out from other candidates.

Business ideas for students

No matter where you are studying, now is a great time to start a business. Youthful energy, youthful enthusiasm and self-confidence are the key to successful entrepreneurship. Here are some business ideas for beginners that don’t require a big investment and can even be done from your dorm room.

1. Tutoring

Today, the world is ruled by information. The knowledge you have now can be much more valuable than you realize. From your first year of university, you can prepare future candidates for admission, share your experiences and relay what you have learned in class. An alternative is to work in a essay writing service where you can help students and pupils with their homework.

In the event of a pandemic, classes can be delivered online – don’t be afraid to show what you’re capable of and what you’ve already achieved. Your experience can be of use to hundreds of thousands of people who are willing to pay for it.

2. Summer camp

In your free time, especially during summer vacation, organize an interesting and educational activity for children. It is no longer a problem to find a beautiful and interesting place where students can share their experiences with school children and spend their free time.

Parents are fed up with old summer camps where their children are educated by “old school” teachers in an ambiguous way. If you have experience interacting with children and are not afraid of responsibilities, develop an interesting hobby program for schoolchildren, form an equally responsive team and implement such an initiative.

3. Tourism

As the world slowly returns to the reason for quarantine and isolation, many people crave real interaction with other people. If you are studying in a large, historic city, you might consider arranging interactive walking tours. Not all foreign destinations are available these days, so domestic tourism is a gold mine that can now yield good profits.

All you need to do is learn some interesting facts about the region you are studying in, create a unique itinerary, and put together a group of people who are keen to learn more about the city you currently live in.

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