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21 successful little business ideas for entrepreneurs

Are you planning to start a new business but don’t know how to choose the right one?

If you’ve been thinking about starting a business, you’ve come to the right place! Starting a business may not be easy, but it pays big, long term rewards. To help keep the business going, sometimes a small business loan may also be needed.

With the increase in consumers’ willingness to spend, there is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to starting a new business. What’s important is choosing the one that suits your needs and expertise and could prove beneficial in the long run.

To help you select the right business, we’ve mentioned 21 Successful Small Business Ideas For Budding Entrepreneurs.

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21 successful small business ideas for entrepreneurs 2022

There are a myriad of businesses that you could start, but it’s important to choose one that will be able to stay afloat despite changing market trends. To help you select the right business, we’ve listed 21 business ideas for entrepreneurs:


You can start this business with only 1 to 2 staff, and later as the business grows, hire more consultants. Consulting business could be built with your area of ​​interest, knowledge and experience in mind. Some popular consulting areas include business consultants, social media consultants, communication consultants, etc.

Start a blog

One of the most popular options today is start a blog. You can start as a hobby and test the waters. However, if it resonates with a large audience, it could be a great business idea. Choosing the right niche for a blog is crucial.

Online teaching

The world of online education has opened up many opportunities. One can select the areas of interest and the fields they are familiar with and teach others from any part of the world!

Logo design

If you are an artistic person and are adept at creating ready-made designs, it could be great to turn this skill into a successful business! Many businesses require unique logos, personalized items, printed stationery, etc.

Application developer

Another skill-based business could be an application developer. Due to the booming digital age, developing unique apps for different online businesses could be great!


Most multinationals have an international clientele where the need for a translator cannot be overstated. You can start a translation business with a team of around 6-7 people fluent in popular languages ​​like French, German, Japanese, English, Hindi, and Mandarin.

Computer repair

For someone who knows a computer, knows how to build and repair a broken computer, a computer repair company is recommended.

Interior decorator

Some people like to modernize their home every few years, which is one of the reasons interior designers are always in demand. This business could be continued by someone who knows how to transform a place with their creativity.


This business could be started by anyone with basic photography skills. If you know how to take good photos, understand lighting and the art of photography, this profession would be perfect.

search engine optimization

If someone is qualified to improve website visibility in search engines and can develop digital marketing strategies, SEO could be perfect for them.

SEO is a demanding profession and professional SEO experts can earn thousands of rupees without leaving their homes.

Video montage

If someone is creative and has the necessary technical skills, they can start with a video editing business. The investment required for this is relatively low.

Digital marketing

Each brand is moving towards digital marketing. A digital marketing business would be suitable for someone who is skilled at strategizing and coming up with innovative ideas.


Another business that can be done anywhere is that of a real estate agent. If you’re interested in helping people find their dream home, this business could be great!

A delivery kitchen

If you know your way around the kitchen and can make people feel absolute bliss with their food, you can open a delivery kitchen. These days, delivery kitchens have become go-to options for people.


If one has a good sense of fashion and can come up with innovative designs for his clients, the tailoring business could prove to be profitable. From tailoring clothes from A to Z to alterations, there are many options.

Data analysis

Most businesses today are data-driven. If you can interpret the data, help businesses make important decisions based on your analyzes, starting a business in this area could be considered.

Travel advice

If one can systematically manage the necessary organization and planning before going to any location, a travel consulting company could be considered.

Social media agency

With social media reigning in the marketing world, the need for social media managers is also increasing. If you can use social media to drive web traffic to a business, you may want to consider starting a social media agency.

Event planning

An event planning business might be considered by someone who knows how to organize and plan events without leaving any effort.

Content writing

Every brand or business needs content for their products or blogs. Starting a content writing business can be ideal for someone skilled at writing in a way that appeals to a target audience.

Virtual assistant

Helping someone virtually in the management of their business is the duty of a virtual assistant. For someone with great administration skills, this company could be great!

The list of business opportunities is endless. The important thing is to find the right one for you, based on your skills and interests. Conducting thorough research before starting a business is crucial in getting a feel for the area of ​​business.

Plus, every business requires a certain investment which can burn a huge hole in your wallet. For such situations, Ziploan offers business loans. Ziploan’s goal is to provide financial assistance to businesses across the country by offering loans to MSMEs and business loans.

Here you have the 21 best small business ideas for entrepreneurs that can easily be started with a low investment and which can generate huge profits.

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