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16 business ideas for musicians

For musicians looking for opportunities within the industry, there are plenty of small business ideas that are worth pursuing. Additionally, there are many companies that keep the music industry running as a whole, and these music companies are a great fit for musicians with an entrepreneurial spirit. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best business ideas for musicians and how to get started.

The music industry in 2022

The music industry has seen a serious boom with the introduction of streaming services. The live music industry, record labels, and event industry are all witnessing a demand for musicians and different types of music businesses.

Why You Should Consider Starting A Music-Related Business

Business-minded music lovers have a lot to consider. Whether you are interested in music related events, music publishing or something related, there are many lucrative business ideas you can opt for. You could even go it alone like many music producers have and start your own business working with emerging talent.

Best Business Ideas for Musicians

There are plenty of great business ideas for those with musical talents and business acumen. We’ll review some of the best businesses in the music industry that you can consider pursuing.

1. Music Video Director

The music industry includes many people who go behind the camera to make music videos. You can work with emerging talent as a music video director and bring their vision to life, including creative direction.

2. Music Producer

Music production might be right for you if your musical talents lie not only in melodies, but also in putting songs together. You can work with musicians to produce songs from start to finish, including putting together lyrics and beats.

3. School of Music

If you’re looking to teach the next generation of musicians and artists, you can start your own music school. This could include lessons in music theory, instruments, vocal lessons, and other areas of music.

4. Music blogger

If you like to listen to music and try to understand how to make money listening to music, becoming a music blogger could be a great choice. You can create a music blog with reviews, a music podcast, or write for a reputable music review site to share your opinion on the latest music releases and news.

5. Recording studio owner

If you are ready to put up the initial investment to build your own recording studio, you can start your own recording studio. Recording artists can rent it for specific periods of time for recording sessions of their music.

6. Music therapy

Another booming field for musicians is music therapy for adults and children. You can work with clients to provide music therapy services, and it can be different depending on your skills and talents, like writing songs together, learning instruments, dancing, etc.

7. Record Label Owner

For music fans looking for the next big thing, starting your own label might be a great choice. You can sign different recording artists or a musical act depending on the genres you are interested in or where you see the most potential.

8. Music teacher

Many music schools are looking for qualified teachers for their students. You could become a music teacher for instruments, vocals, and vocals, or even lead business classes that older students might seek.

More Profitable Music Business Ideas

There are many other music careers you can pursue if you want to play music. We’ll go over some more profitable music business ideas that might be suitable.

9. Songwriter

If you enjoy writing songs, you can become a professional songwriter. As a songwriter, you can write your own songs which you can pitch and sell to other musicians and record labels looking for new music to license and produce.

10. Music Store Owner

If you’re looking for ways to make music more accessible and available, consider starting your own music store. You could sell musical instruments or even start a rental service for musical instruments as well as music records and CDs.

11. Music Publicist

For those who are good at networking, a music publicist might be the right fit. You will work with journalists and record labels as a music promoter for recorded music and artists, including facilitating interviews, public relations, and other efforts.

12. Recording Artist

For musicians who want to get noticed, becoming a recording artist has become a more viable option thanks to music streaming services. You can record and add music to music streaming platforms to gain new listeners. Here is a resource on how to make money streaming on music platforms and other online video channels.

13. Video Game Audio Creator

Video games are all about background music; they need talented audio creators to help set the scene and set that mood with theme songs. You can work with video game publishers to create game audio, such as a theme song and other audio content.

14. Session Musician

Session musicians work with bands and singers who temporarily need a musician for their performance. For example, a band might need a drummer for a few nights to play a gig or a guitarist to add to their recording sessions. Depending on your skills and talent, you might work with recording studios to work with their musicians.

15. Voice coach

Many singers are looking for ways to strengthen their voice and practice for a specific performance or event. You could become a vocal coach and give private lessons to singers and musicians to prepare them for stage events.

16. Local Event Artist

Many local events are looking for musicians to perform, such as weekend concerts and seasonal festivals. You can also work with local businesses in the area, like an alliance business or a mobile DJ business, to book more gigs.

What can musicians do to make money?

There are many options available for musicians who want to earn money. You can start your own business, including blogging, music video making, music distribution, a song licensing business, and other services within the recording industry.

What business can you start as an artist?

As an artist, you can start a business by becoming a session musician, working with music publishers to sell your writing, or starting your own record label to discover and develop new talent.

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