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15 dropshipping business ideas for 2022

As a small business owner, minimizing risk is a key priority to keep you afloat. One online business opportunity that promises good returns with low risk is dropshipping. In recent years, the online boom has spurred the trend of dropshipping stores. Many companies are therefore exploring dropshipping business ideas to increase their revenue.

How to start a dropshipping business?

Like any other business, dropshipping requires you to do your homework properly before you get started. In theory, this may seem like a simple and profitable business model. But in practice, you’ll find that investing time and money is essential to success.

Let’s take a look at some of the steps you will need to take before starting your own dropshipping business.

  • Find your niche: What you sell will determine the success or failure of your business. That is why it is important to choose the right one among the many dropshipping business ideas.
  • Look at the trends: A great way to determine if your niche is profitable or not is to check out the trending products within it. Google Trends can be helpful here. You will be able to see if the niche is trending up or down. You should spend enough time on market research to draw conclusions.
  • Assess the competition: No matter how unique you think your business is, competition will play a key role in affecting your margins. This is why you should analyze the competition and see how they are selling products on their e-commerce store before setting up a dropshipping store.
  • Find a supplier: When it comes to dropshipping suppliers, it’s important to consider factors like shipping times and minimum order quantities.
  • Create your store: The next step is to create a great e-commerce store. Here you need to remember to find a memorable name with a good design to create your own brand.
  • Promote your business: Finally, to grab the attention of your customers, you need to focus on promoting your store. Use social media and email marketing to get the message across.

Dropshipping ideas for your e-commerce business to inspire you

Having a good idea of ​​how to get started in this segment is only the first step. To stand out, you need to make sure you’re selling products that set your online store apart. You also need to build a long-term sustainable dropshipping business. Let’s explore some dropshipping business ideas.

1. Electronics

If you are looking for a startup idea with huge growth opportunities, you should consider electronics. A reliable and stable niche, electronics can help you establish your own brand. You can choose to sell anything from laptops to mobile chargers.

2. Interior decoration and furnishing

A large number of buyers visit an online store to buy decoration and furniture for the home. This trend has only increased in the post-pandemic world. Like electronics, this segment offers great opportunities to grow your dropshipping business. You can sell a wide range of items such as curtains, chair covers, and tapestries on your own online store.

3. Clothing and fashion accessories

Another very popular dropshipping business model is in the fashion niche. A large number of consumers prefer online shopping. This has caused fashion retailers to focus on the web to grow their business. In this niche, you can consider selling socks, t-shirts, sweaters, or print-on-demand clothing from your dropshipping store.

4. Toys and games for children

According to a market study by 2023, the toy industry should represent 120 billion dollars. In other words, this niche has huge growth potential for the dropshipping industry. Of course, it is also a competitive space. Thus, to differentiate your online store you must stand out with superior product quality and ensure that you sell the best dropshipping products. Some categories are worth exploring, including puzzles, game figurines, and music books.

5. Pet Supplies

As the number of businesses targeting pet lovers continues to grow, this niche is becoming increasingly competitive for dropshipping store owners. What is unique in this segment is that buyers are often willing to pay extra for the right products. That’s why when you sell products, you need to focus on quality.

6. Anti-Aging Cream

It may come as no surprise, but anti-aging is a booming market, which makes it lucrative for the dropshipping industry. Market research puts this segment at $58.5 billion today. It is expected to grow by leaps and bounds. As the market expands, products with visible results and certain health benefits will push this niche to the top.

8. Bags, luggage and wallets

With the global pandemic finally behind us, people are traveling again. This renewed interest and need to travel is driving the demand for bags, luggage and wallets.

9. Niche Jewelry

Over the past few years, market research shows that retailers have seen steady growth in the niche jewelry segment. With most jewelry buyers preferring to shop online, now is a great time to explore the niche jewelry segment for your dropshipping business.


In many cases, consumers prefer to purchase kits that include multiple items packaged together. For example, a candle making kit or a nail polish kit containing everything users may need. This is especially useful for busy shoppers who don’t have the time or money to buy things separately. To cater to these consumers, a good idea is to sell online. And one of the best business ideas is to give away the kits.

11. Baby carriers

Baby products are another popular option for dropshipping e-commerce businesses. With the availability of various products, a niche within this space is gaining momentum. Baby carriers come in different styles and the demand for these products only seems to be growing.

12. Yoga mat

Health and wellness have gained momentum in the pandemic era, and the trend has continued to grow. In the health and wellness segment, yoga has become one of the biggest niches, according to market research. This, in turn, drove sales of yoga equipment such as yoga mats and yoga leggings.

13. Import Products

One of the most popular business ideas is to import products from abroad. This is a successful business avenue as it helps control costs and provides several low cost options for buyers.

14. Sports bras

Market research shows that in recent years, sports bras have given fierce competition to lingerie options. Thanks to the celebrities who made them popular, sports bras are now very popular. Entering this space to sell online can be very profitable for your dropshipping business.

15. Kitchen Gadgets

One niche that is full of various options for sale is kitchen gadgets, which is a popular segment for a dropshipping business. Customers frequent online stores looking for a wide variety of kitchen gadgets, from cooking rice to accessorizing their microwaves.

Which are the successful dropshipping companies?

Some of the most successful dropshipping companies are Warmly (home decor), Aesthentials (clothing), and Blue Crate (electronic gadgets).

Is dropshipping profitable for an online business?

Since you are not responsible for manufacturing or shipping, dropshipping can be a profitable opportunity for your online business.

What are the things a dropshipping business must have?

Although the dropshipping model focuses on simplicity, there are certain things that are imperative for a business to grow and succeed. These include a good dropshipping profit margin, market demand, and a reliable supplier.

How to find dropshipping suppliers?

To find the right dropshipping supplier, you have to scour the net extensively. You should also carefully review their websites and compare inventory costs, minimum order sizes, per-order fees, and ongoing fees before selecting a dropshipping supplier.

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