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15 Christmas business ideas

The Christmas holidays are a busy time for many companies. But some companies actually build their entire business model around this time of year. If you love the holiday season, here are some creative ideas for starting your own business opportunity in this niche.

The economy of the Christmas season in 2022

The Christmas season often brings extra revenue to most businesses in the retail industry. But sales fluctuate from year to year. In 2022, experts project a 7-9% increase from 2021. They expect an 11-15% increase specifically in e-commerce sales.

Why should you consider a vacation business

If you’re ready to start your own business, here are some reasons to consider a vacation slot:

  • Enjoy a festive atmosphere: Holiday-themed businesses are built around the magic and joy of the holidays. Create a work environment that supports your love for the season.
  • Have a flexible schedule almost all year round: The Christmas season can be particularly busy for your business. But that leaves time for the rest of the year for travel, remote work, and work-life balance.
  • Reach consumers ready to spend: Consumers are generally ready to spend more than usual during the holidays. So, Christmas-themed businesses reach people when they are likely to generate additional revenue.
  • Connect with community organizations and events: Many communities and organizations are planning special events and initiatives to celebrate the holidays. So your business can benefit from these connections and events.
  • Offer other products and services to supplement revenue: If your business is primarily focused on holiday sales, this could leave time for the rest of the year for other revenue opportunities. For example, a holiday caterer can make extra money by also providing bartending service for summer gatherings.

Best Christmas Business Ideas

If you’re looking for lucrative Christmas business ideas for your next venture, here are some ideas to consider.

1. Deliver Christmas trees

Many people buy Christmas trees for their homes during the season. But they may have no way to get them home. If you have a truck or other large vehicle, choose trees or deliver options of a certain size to their home.

2. Catering

Serve families and businesses hosting parties with your own catering businesses. Offer traditional holiday favorites like turkey and stuffing, as well as Christmas sugar cookies and peppermint candies.

3. Sell gift baskets

Gift baskets are a popular gift for friends, neighbors, colleagues and clients. Offer a variety of themed options to appeal to diverse customers.

4. Shopping service

Serve customers who don’t have the time or inclination to shop for their own Christmas gifts. You can offer services for a flat rate or bill by the hour.

5. Gift wrapping service

Christmas gifts are only complete when they are beautifully wrapped. Let customers drop off their gifts for wrapping, or offer them as an extra service if you already offer personal shopping or retail options.

6. Christmas lights service

A Christmas light installer can provide both indoor and outdoor decorating options. Create eye-catching lighting arrangements using their own decorations or provide your own for an additional fee.

7. Christmas card seller

Design and sell your own witty Christmas cards, online or in a retail store. You can also offer digital templates or printed cards that allow people to add their own family photos and personalizations.

8. Holiday Event Planner

Many people and businesses host parties throughout the holiday season. Offer your services to handle all the details, from the food to hosting the holiday-themed party.

More Business Ideas for the Holiday Season

If you’re looking for a business idea in the vacation niche, but none of the answers above speak to you, here are some more options to consider.

9. Christmas Tree Farm

If you have access to significant land, plant a variety of evergreen trees that customers can purchase. You can let customers visit your location and fell trees themselves, or sell them pre-cut to local businesses.

10. Sleigh ride service

Sleigh rides are fun activities for winter festivals and other special events, especially those targeting families with young children. Invest in a sleigh and horses or reindeer to pull it through the event. Then charge a race fee or get paid by the event organizer.

11. Winter Accessories Online Store

Start your own e-commerce business selling a variety of winter and Christmas products. For example, you can knit warm hats and scarves, or provide sweaters with Christmas characters or sayings on them. Create your own website or use marketplace sites like eBay and Etsy.

12. Christmas-Themed Attraction

There is a huge demand for fun attractions to visit during the winter festival season. Provide activities for various family members, from making Christmas cupcakes to designing witty Christmas cards. You can also connect with local shops and vendors to provide food and gifts.

13. Santa Costume Sale

People often buy Santa costumes for parties or special events. You can either make these clothes or get them from other companies. Then create an online store or a partnership with points of sale.

14. Santa Claus or Reindeer Rental Service

You can even contract with retail businesses or event organizers to provide Santa performers or reindeer for special events. Animal handlers may need special training or licensing. But Santa Claus performers often just need to watch and play the part.

15. Gift personalization service

There are many ways to personalize holiday gifts, from embroidery to glass etching. Specialize in one or more of these options, then add names, dates or quotes to various items to qualify for special pricing.

Are Christmas businesses profitable?

Christmas businesses can be very profitable. But the exact rate depends on the type of business as there are many niches in this category. For example, a typical retail profit margin can range from 0.5 to around 5%. However, caterers often have profit margins between 7 and 8%.

What is the best company for Christmas?

The best business for a Christmas audience can vary depending on each entrepreneur’s interests and goals. However, a lucrative business idea in this niche is to offer Santa Claus artists for retail businesses or special events. There are almost no start-up costs and high demand for this service during the Christmas period.


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