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10 low-investment business ideas for small towns

While Tier 1 cities spring to mind first whenever we think about starting a new business, smaller cities are no longer far from changing times.

They are packed with activities and can be a great place for your new business. Small towns have attracted many entrepreneurs with less competition, an abundant labor force, and fair land prices.

Tempted by the benefits but concerned about the investment? We heard you and came up with the 10 best low investment ideas for small towns. Firms, although small, have the potential to grow as India leans toward privatizing various small businesses.

10 best business ideas for villages

Grocery stores

Although it seems quite common, it also has the highest success rate. In the current pandemic period, when even collecting the essentials has become a task, a new grocery store will be like a blessing to people near your store.

Some of the biggest benefits are the time it takes to open it and the out-of-the-box application for your products. No matter how much the industry changes, they will never go away completely.

With all of these advantages, you have to mention that it does require some initial capital. But do not worry. You can apply for a business loan companies such as Ziploan to get that initial capital required, and you’re done. Your business is flourishing!

Grinding workshops

Packaged goods are not the usual sights in small towns like they are in metropolitan cities. In addition, due to the growing complaints of adulteration in spices or flour, people want to see the whole process with their own eyes to keep loved ones safe.

In addition, small towns usually have access to raw grains or spices, which will increase the chances of your business being successful.

Although it requires relatively less funding, an electrical connection is a necessity. So choose your area of ​​operation wisely.

Organic fruits and vegetables

In an agriculture-based economy like India, what better idea than agriculture? However, organic farming is different. This means growing crops without using fertilizers or pesticides to keep their original quality intact. The concept is slowly gaining traction in India, and it’s a great idea for a business.

But this requires heavy investments because of the machines, the land, the labor. But no need to panic. You can get a MSME registration and opt for a MSME loan.

Agricultural raw materials store

We have already talked about agriculture. Under this point, why not focus on the raw materials rather than the finished product? Even after this growing craze for organic farming, most of the farmers in our country still depend on fertilizers and pesticides to grow the required amount of crops, and you may be their store of choice for these two. The seeds can also be stored in your store.

Keep in mind that this business requires a license and the necessary permissions to operate.

Dairy products

Dairy products will never go out of fashion. It can change shape. For example, butter can turn into cheese. But they will never be extinguished. In addition, dairy products enjoy a special fan base in small towns.

This industry can open up many markets for you, ranging from households using them for personal use to restaurants for wholesale.

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Tutoring services

With the growing awareness of education, especially among girls, everything related to the industry enjoys a special advantage. However, they still lack expert teachers in their fields. You can use this rarity to your advantage.

You can bring together experts in different fields under one roof and your business is ready to go. Keep in mind that you need the necessary qualifications and skills to operate an education center.

Online education may seem like a serious competitor, but nothing can replace face-to-face classroom education. This idea is mainly recommended because of its flexibility.

You can start with just 1-2 employees in a very small area and continue to grow with success, and that’s a low capital investment as well.

Manufacturing units

Certain daily uses, to which little attention is paid, are the source of the wealth of many entrepreneurs. Some of these examples could be paper cups, agarbatti, matches, candles, etc.

These products are in great demand in rural and urban areas and their raw materials are readily available in small towns. Hence, you can consider this to be a great option.

Clothing store

Small towns usually don’t have many such stores, or even if they do, the choices are limited. But in a party country like India where parties are held even for winning cricket, some extra clothing is nothing short of a necessity.

Therefore, while it sounds typical, this is one of the most sought after businesses by locals. To give that extra touch, you can take inspiration from the city’s urban designs and keep them to give yourself a competitive edge over similar stores available there.

Trade fairs

Grooming affects our confidence. Even though we can experience anything, we hesitate to do it with our face or our hair. We need professionals for this and are looking for the nearest salons.

It can be the key to your entry into the business world. Opening a unisex salon would be even better to gather more clients, but you can decide based on the staff and capital available.

Poultry and breeding

The popularity of poultry products is increasing rapidly. Plus, it requires less land and capital, and you can earn early interest. You can also sell it to nearby towns to get more benefit with the local market.

If you’ve already chosen the best option for you and want to give it a try but are hesitant due to lack of funds, we’ve got you covered. We at Ziploan provide small business loans also within days.

Don’t worry about the target score. Your good will will speak for itself. So contact us immediately and step into the business sector with confidence.

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