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10 community tips for building a great small business website

A quality website can go a long way in communicating your brand’s message to customers. Whether you run a local business or a luxury brand, there are a few key things to consider when designing your site. Check out top tips from members of the online small business community below.

Use the golden ratio in web design

Web design is an art, but it is also a science. The golden ratio can help you make sure that your website directs visitors’ eyes to where you want them to be. To learn more on that in this Pixel Productions article. Then go to BizSugar to see who are the members saying.

Perform keyword research

Keywords are an essential part of every website because they can help relevant visitors find your site. Before adding keywords, research the topics that are most relevant to your target customers. Jean Jantsch details the process in this duct tape marketing article.

Create website popups that your visitors will appreciate

Pop-ups are not really popular among website visitors. But there are ways to make them a bit more appealing. In this post from the Content Marketing Institute, Evian Gutman go over the principles you need to know if you plan to include pop-up ads.

Learn more about WordPress from these statistics

WordPress is one of the best platforms for building quality websites. There is so much to learn about WordPress sites that you can learn from those Statistics from Matt Moran of Blogging Wizard. BizSugar members too rang on the post here.

Attract consumers to your luxury brand

If you want to build a luxury brand, your website should be an important part of your email strategy. It is therefore important to keep your luxury customers in mind when designing it. Get advice in this Small Daily Biz Post by Mark Hook.

Restore customer loyalty

Many local businesses are struggling to bring back customers after COVID-19 closures. But it is possible to foster the loyalty that you and your customers once enjoyed. Read this Bright Local post from Raul Galera for more details.

Keep customers connected and come back

Your website is not just a tool for attracting new customers. It can also help you build deeper connections with those that already exist. To achieve this goal, read advice in this Marketing Land article by Cynthia Ramsaran.

Consider your biggest cybersecurity threats

Online security is essential to protect your website and other online assets. And different types of sites face different threats. Becca Williams details some of them in this post.

Use these visual content marketing trends

Visuals can be an important part of your website, especially when it comes to your content. If you are ready to improve your web content this year, to verify visual trends in this Search Engine Journal post by Julia McCoy.

Boost Engagement With These Marketing Tactics

Once you’ve put together a great website, it only drives results if people actually engage with it. If you’re looking to increase engagement with your site and other online resources, learn some tips from this Biz Epic Publish by Ivan Widjaya.

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