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10 business ideas for geeks

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Before being a geek was seen as bizarre and anti-social. Nerds and geeks “lived in the shadows”, it was believed that they did not consume (mistake) and that of course they did not undertake.

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Today it is very different. In fact, many owners of large multi-billion dollar companies are geeks like Jeff Bezos, creator of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk of Tesla Motors, and Larry Page, co-founder of Google.

There are many examples of success, but at the local level we can cite Chumel torres who managed to spawn one of the most viewed YouTube channels and create a hugely successful production company, Machine 501.

If you want to enter the “geek” services market, we give you 10 innovative business ideas that will help you boost your participation in an increasingly open market with greater purchasing power.

1. Animation school

This option is aimed at film buffs and experts in audiovisual communication and digital illustration. It is about investing in equipment to produce animation, create characters, story boards and graphics for digital media. Add to your team professionals in visual arts, cinematographic language and animation techniques to serve all your potential clients, made up of brands for the realization of advertisements or organizations for the design of promotional campaigns.

2. Robotics camp

Promoting interest in robotics and technology in children will enable them to understand programming languages ​​from an early age and make it easier to learn math. If you are an engineer or have some knowledge of robotics, set up camps for children from the age of five. Seeks alliances with suppliers of equipment and robotics kits and forms a team of collaborators to manage the groups. It has various themes to appeal to girls and boys of different ages.

3. Digital marketing agencies

Managing social media can be difficult for those new to technology. Start by setting up a digital marketing agency to serve businesses with advertising strategies, where your marketing experience will be your main ally. Your potential customers are businesses willing to pay to receive comprehensive attention in managing their social media and positioning their brand in search engines. You can start with a diagnosis of your business and a first version of your website.

4. Repair of mobile devices

The Mexican Internet Association (Amipci) reports that 77% of users use a mobile device to browse, so demand for smartphones grows, the repair needs are greater. Take advantage of your tech savvy to perform cell phone and tablet repairs, mainly those related to battery, screen and camera, which are the most in demand. Add value to your business and offer the option of an in-home service, as well as a guarantee of your work.

5. Creation of mobile applications

With the increase in the use of mobile devices, apps have become the most innovative channel to sell a product or service.

Download applications reached 68% of mobile and mobile purchases e-commerce accounts for 18% of total online commerce, according to the Mexican Internet Association (Amipci). If you have experience in the world of technology and innovation, it offers the creation of applications for companies or individuals looking to facilitate a process or provide useful tools for life. Create plans tailored to your client and provide payment facilities. Remember that the success of a application depends on user flow, so design a campaign to publicize every launch.

6. Production of audiovisual content

One of the growing trends is Diffusion or live via social networks and digital platforms. If you have production knowledge, you can offer professional live video recording service of special events such as debates, lectures or sports with TV quality. It invests in post-production equipment, as well as cameras, mobile units and satellite transmissions. Add a capsule, video clip or Podcast creation and implementation of pay-per-view or pay-per-subscription.

7. Programming lessons for children

Children today are interested in mastering technology and exploiting its benefits. Teaching them the programming language, designing computer programs and applications is a great business opportunity. Without going into complicated technical details, organize groups by age and with attractive themes for girls and boys. Look for certifications from software vendor companies. Gear up well with laptops and HD displays. Consider renting a large space to operate.

8. Computer assistant for beginners

The aim of this idea is to provide technology solutions for beginners, such as specialist support in installing devices such as computers, scanners, printers, smart TVs or home theater systems. Add backup and recovery service for damaged files on memory cards, CDs or USB devices. Another option is to activate a chat or phone to get technical assistance, provide technical support or even clarify doubts to avoid falling victim to fraud.

9. Video game tournaments

Mexico accounts for 33% of video game sales in Latin America, according to in PwC’s Entertainment and Media Outlook 2015-2019 study , and the industry will reach 84.1 billion US dollars in 2017. Join this market with the creation of online video game tournaments. Develop a website or via social networks; publishes the call for entries by date and opens categories by sport, role, strategy or adventure. Partner with tech brands to claim prizes or rewards from winners. This will motivate the players to perform better.

10. Video blog

The media have changed: thanks to the Internet, the channels for publicizing places, food, experiences, jokes and more have been simplified, and now youtubers Where video bloggers are the voice of a generation in search of new means of expression. The YouTube platform alone is the third most visited website in the world after Google and Facebook, and receives 4,000 million visits per day. Take advantage of this trend and create a blog specialized on a subject, with videos, tips and blogs where you interact with your subscribers. Create alliances with brands or businesses related to your video blog topic to gain sponsorship or trade.

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