Through the internet, we can not only check the status of your bank account or make transfers – without a problem, we can also take cash loans for any purpose. What exactly are online loans stand out? What conditions must we meet to obtain them? In the end, whether to opt for an online loan in a bank or non-banking? We invite you to read our guide on online loans!

We do not have to leave the house to borrow money quickly and conveniently for any purpose. Now we can do it via the Internet, both in banks and non-bank loan companies, which are growing on the Polish market.

On-line cash loans are an attractive proposition for people who appreciate convenience and speed. There is no need to go to a lender’s office because all formalities related to obtaining a loan can be arranged on-line. This is what made online loans so popular and we take them more often – the money can then be spent for any purpose.

However, before you decide to use an internet loan, check with us what exactly such offers stand out from, and how you can find the best one. In the jungle of various proposals from banks and loan companies, it is difficult to choose the best proposal. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our tips – thanks to them, choosing the right online loan will be even easier!

A lot of people who have never before heard of online loans offer wonders exactly what such offers are. How do we apply for a loan then? Is it safe? Does the online loan allow you to borrow large sums? When and how do we give it? It is worth starting from this basic information about internet loans.

By Internet loan, we generally refer to a loan that is available online. We can, therefore, get it completely online – without leaving home and going personally to a bank or loan company.

Request the best online payday advance today

Internet loan, i.e. a cash loan

Payday  loans offered on the internet is a payday advance, which means that it is the most popular loan selected to cover various expenses.

A cash loan is not a special-purpose loan, therefore the lender does not ask us for the purpose for which we spend the money. This makes it a universal choice when we just need extra cash.

A cash loan allows you to cover such expenses as:

– purchase of various types of property

– renovation

– car repair

– a holiday trip

– party device

– debt repayment

– private treatment

These are just a few examples, because a cash loan, also available via the internet, can be used for any purpose.

In accordance with the law, and the cash loan is regulated by the Civil Code, we must also sign a loan agreement. It is recommended from the sum of 500 zlotys. The agreement then secures both the interests of the lender and the borrower.

How much can we borrow online?

Cash loans offered over the internet allow us to obtain a sum of several hundred zlotys to even several dozen thousand zlotys. The amount spread is very wide because it depends on the selected offer, the lender, and the borrower’s creditworthiness.

Non-bank offers generally amount to lower amounts, with a limit of PLN 10,000, while banking can be much more, although the loan limit itself does not mean that we are able to obtain that much.

Most often, however, online loans are granted for amounts up to approximately PLN 10,000. This is the sum that allows you to finance various expenses. It is also worth pointing out that with such amounts the lender usually does not want additional documents, for example, a certificate from the employer or a bank account statement. This means that we can have an online loan at home even in a few minutes!

However, the loan amount is determined individually and if we do not have sufficient creditworthiness, in this case, the bank or loan company operating non-banking may refuse to grant us a loan or offer it in a lower amount.

The online loan repayment period

The repayment period of a loan obtained via the internet is usually similar to that of cash loans offered on a fixed basis. In non-bank lending companies, it is usually up to 2 years, while in banks up to 10 years.

It is worth separating non-bank offers into two categories, namely:

– payday loans

– installment loans

A payday loans, as their name suggests, are only drawn for a while and allow customers to get money for any purpose, but in smaller amounts, for example, around 1,000 or 3,000 PLN. It is worth pointing out that the loan repayment period is then only 30 days, less often 60 days. This means that they are also quite risky loans because in a short time they require a larger sum.

Thus, Internet payday works best when you want to borrow money for a lower amount to instantly improve your home budget if you run out of money

Installment loans taken over the internet are a safer option because they allow debt repayment in the form of convenient monthly installments. Then we can also borrow larger sums, for example, PLN 10,000 for a longer period, for example for 2 years. This makes them work better when you want to raise money for higher expenses.

The longer the repayment term of the installment loan, the installment may be lower. Therefore, even people without high creditworthiness can easily make such a commitment and then systematically pay it back – without taking such a risk as in the case of payday loans, when the repayment takes place within one month.

How are loans made on-line repaid?

The internet loan is taken online, but we can also pay it off in the same way.

Most often, the payment is made via a bank transfer to a designated bank account. The easiest way to make an online transfer from your own bank account. Then we do not have to move out of the house to pay back the debt – we arrange everything online. Of course, there is also the possibility to make a repayment in the post box or in the bank.

If we borrow a bank internet loan from a bank where we already have an account, then such debt may also pay off automatically. The bank then downloads the appropriate amount yourself from our account, so we do not have to make a transfer anymore.

Security online loans

online loans

In the context of internet loans, the subject of their security is also very common. Is it really possible to borrow online money without risk?

At present, online cash loans are very safe, but it must be pointed out that such offers should also be approached with reserve. Not every lender is trustworthy!

We should be on the alert first and foremost when looking for non-bank loans online because it is in this sector that frauds occur most often. Naturally, if we choose a secure loan company that has been operating on the Polish market for many years and has many satisfied customers, such as Moren, we do not have to worry about anything. However, it is worth knowing exactly what to look for when assessing the security of an internet loan.

Alarm signals for a dangerous on-line loan:

– granted by a broadly unknown loan company

– we can not find an opinion about it on the internet

– requires an initial payment of money, for example, to process an application – the payment may be required in the form of a transfer or SMS to a high-paying number

– there is no information on the company’s website – company address, tax identification number, REGON number

– the company does not publish a contract template, fee table and other loan documents on the website

Therefore, even if we manage to find a very attractive loan offer, but also the above alarm signals will appear, it is best to simply opt out of it and choose one that is safe.

Safe online cash loan:

– is provided by a known lender – bank or non-bank lending company

– we have easy access to information about its costs and conditions

– the company website has all the information about its activities

– we can refer to the contract template, fee tables, and other loan documents before submitting the application

– we find positive opinions from customers about it

Thus, we already know exactly what the Internet loan is and what distinguishes it. We have also learned the rules for choosing a secure online loan. So where is it worth to ask for financing? To the bank, or maybe to a non-banking loan company?

Internet loan – in the bank

Today, more and more banks offer their clients the opportunity to borrow online. This is a convenient solution, especially for fixed clients of a given bank, but also new clients can use it.

As mentioned earlier, online bank loans allow you to get higher sums for a longer period. However, it is worth pointing out that banks have more demanding requirements than non-banking loan companies, which is why not every client can count on financial support at that time.

The proper creditworthiness is important, preferably in the form of regular income from an employment contract of indefinite duration or another regular source. Then, when in the past we had problems with the repayment due to delays, we can also be refused – banks are very demanding in this respect!

On-line loans in banks are generally very safe – so we do not have to worry that we will be exposed to some danger, such as identity theft, loss of money. However, we should always carefully read the information in the contract and the attachments attached to it.

What is the process of obtaining a loan for a permanent and new client? We invite you to check!

Internet loan for a regular customer

By far the easiest way is to get an online loan from the bank as its regular customer, i.e. a person who has kept his bank account in it for a long time. Banks have different requirements in this respect, for example, they can be 3 months or 6 months from creating an account, which is regularly received by money.

The Bank, based on the information about the client and about its inflows and expenses on the account, is able to prepare an individual offer for him. This information then allows you to examine his creditworthiness and the client does not have to provide additional documents, for example, a certificate of work on earned income. This significantly speeds up the process of obtaining a loan and the money can be already in your account in a few minutes.

Regular customers can also easily submit a loan application. All you have to do is log in to your transactional service – on your computer, smartphone or tablet, and then complete the application. In the application part of the information is already listed, which speeds up its preparation and submission. Then the application is analyzed and if everything goes well, the money can even be transferred into a bank account in a few minutes.

Repayment is also very easy – we mentioned earlier that the bank can then install installments independently from the customer’s account. We also have easy access to general information about the loan, i.e. the remaining repayment amount, repayment terms, we can also pay off the loan either in whole or in part before the time from the level of the transaction website.

Internet loan for a new client

New clients can also apply for internet loans at banks. In this case, however, the procedure is a bit more complex because the bank has to check the customer’s identity.

In the beginning, an application is submitted to the selected bank – the application can be filed electronically. Then, the verification of identity is important, which is now usually carried out by making a transfer from your bank account. Then the transfer is directed to the lender’s account, which allows comparing the sender’s data with the data entered in the application. When this data overlaps, the loan can be started and transferred to the customer’s account.

The disadvantage of such a solution is the need to make transfers to another bank’s account, so we have to remember the dates. We also do not have easy access to information about the loan, as in the case of clients who have an account and a loan in the same bank.

Attention! Some banks require the customer’s presence in the facility to confirm identity or report documents if their creditworthiness is insufficient.

Internet loan in the bank – abbreviation:

– allows you to get higher sums

– possibility of choosing a long repayment period

– only installment loans

– for new and for regular customers

– the need to have adequate creditworthiness

– high level of security

Internet loan – non-bank

The second option is to use non-bank internet loans, for example, a loan such as an installment loan in Moren. You can choose between installment loans and payday loans, so we can choose the offer that suits you best. For safety reasons, installment loans are recommended, which allow you to split your debt into an easy installment payment.

Basically, compared to bank loans, these non-bank loans are easier to obtain, which makes them so popular today. The advantage is also the possibility of obtaining a loan on favorable terms – also without the need to provide documentation confirming creditworthiness.

This makes non-bank loans online available to anyone who has at least a basic ability. The lenders approach them individually, so we can get financial support more easily than at the bank.

Do not forget about the basic requirements – we must have a valid ID card, address of residence in Poland, appropriate age, as well as a bank account in our name. You can not use another person’s bank account!

Attention! This does not mean, however, that non-banking loan companies grant loans online to every applicant. We must also have adequate capacity, in particular, a positive credit history, which is checked in BIK (Credit Information Office), as well as in other databases such as BIG – KRD, ie the National Debt Register, BIG InfoMonitor, ERIF BIG. If we have had debts in the past or we have them now, we can also refuse.

The process of applying for a non-bank loan via the internet is simple and we can get it even within one hour. We must also pass the process of identity verification, which usually takes place with the use of a verification transfer, but also other methods may be chosen, for example, a GIRO check carried out at a post office or signing a contract with a courier.

As we noted earlier, it is also worth checking the lender to be sure that the offer we have chosen is completely safe.

Non-bank online loan – abbreviation:

– allows you to get lower amounts

– shorter repayment period

– payday loans and installments

– for new and for regular customers

– easier to obtain than banking

– check safety

How do online loans work? A step-by-step internet loan

We can get a loan via the Internet on-line – currently not only on your computer, but also on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This means that we have money at our fingertips and that’s all we need to have the right device and access to the network.

Internet loans are contracts that are concluded online, which is why it is important in this case to verify the identity of the borrower. This verification is, therefore, one of the important stages of obtaining an online loan. However, before we get to it, we have to go through several other stages. All of them are presented below.

The stages of borrowing online:

– choosing the right offer

– indication of the amount and period of repayment

– writing out a loan application

– verification of identity

– waiting for a loan decision

– confirmation of the loan agreement

– money payment

Making the identity verification is often also the same as confirming the loan agreement, i.e. at the beginning, the client is waiting for a decision and then approving it by verifying his / her identity.

The above steps in the case of online loans run quickly and efficiently, which is why we can often have money on our account even within a dozen or so minutes, and as a regular customer even more quickly.


Internet loans are a proven choice for anyone who cares about speed and convenience. Thanks to them, we can get money for any purpose even within a quarter of an hour – without the need to leave the house to a bank or loan company. It is this comfort that caused that today internet loans are so often chosen by many customers, both individual and business ones.

For an online loan, we can go to both the bank and the loan company. Each of these offers has its pros and cons, so you should consider them before deciding to prepare the application.

If we are a regular customer of a bank offering online loans and we have adequate creditworthiness, it is worth checking the offer at the bank at the beginning. However, non-bank offers are a good choice for anyone who would like to get a loan right away. What’s more, it often happens that they are also cheaper than loans in banks!

In order to take advantage of the non-bank loan offer, Moren invites you – it is here that you can get up to 10,000 PLN on a convenient basis with a repayment period of up to 2 years. Select the amount and repayment period needed and check on our calculator how much your loan will cost, and then submit your application online immediately. Money can be on your account soon!