Quick Finance is a company belonging to the finance Group, which grants loans in 17 countries around the world. Since 2012, the company has started operating on the Polish market, thus being the first company to grant this type of loan. Since 2013, it has been continuously gaining numerous awards and distinctions, including the Service Quality Star and Consumer Gold Laurel.

  • Loan amount – from 100 to 3000 USD (first loan), 7500 USD (next loan)
  • Loan granting period – from 1 to 61 days (first loan), 30 days (next loan),
  • Free first loan – YES,

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To obtain a cash loan com, you must submit a correctly completed application on https://green-touch.org/ website. It usually takes no more than 5 minutes to complete the application.

People who have already used Quick services only need to log in to the Customer Panel, and then fill out the loan application indicating the amount (min. 100, max USD 7,500) and the period for which the loan is to be granted and introducing possible updates of personal data.

In some cases, a Quick employee may call to confirm the details on the form before granting the loan.

Who is the Quick offer for?


There are rigid criteria that allow you to apply for Quick payday loans. The offer is directed to people who meet the following requirements:

  • age 19-78 years,
  • Polish citizenship, confirmed by a valid ID card,
  • registered and residence address in Poland,
  • the e-mail address and mobile phone (Polish number),
  • consumer status ( Quick – loan offer not available to companies and people who have been declared bankrupt)
  • bank account with electronic banking,
  • obtaining income enabling repayment of the loan,
  • no active loan in Quick,
  • unpaid loan at Quick,
  • obtaining a positive credit rating.

When is the money transferred?

If the loan application is correctly completed and sent during BOK’s working hours, the application is processed within a few minutes, and funds, according to Quick’s declaration, are transferred within 15 minutes of obtaining a positive assessment of the application. However, for this to happen, you need to properly perform the bank account verification process.

Quick offers two methods of account verification: express transfer and traditional transfer.

First loan at Quick

The free, first loan is only available to new customers who have not previously used Quick services. You can borrow from 100 to 3000 USD for a period of 1-61 days. No additional costs are incurred when paying back the loan on time.

Another loan

After paying off the first loan, the consumer may apply for the next one, in the amount of USD 100-7,500 for a period of 1-30 days. Another loan bears interest – 10% per annum.

Delay in paying the Quick loan

Delay in paying the Quick loan

If it is difficult to repay the loan, it is possible to extend its term for 7, 14 or 30 days (twice – for the first loan, once – for the next loan). The amount of the fee for extending the loan depends on the amount of funds obtained.

If the loan is not extended and difficulties arise, then Quick may take the following steps:

  • calculation of default interest – 14% per annum from the first day of delay
  • initiating the debt collection procedure – including reminders, reminders, payment requests (SMS, e-mail, telephone and letter) and field debt collection,
  • sale of debt to a debt collection company,
  • court proceedings with subsequent bailiff enforcement (all costs are borne by the unreliable borrower),
  • entry in the register of debtors (one or several).

Quick opinions

From 2012 many users make use of the loans offered by Quick. Opinions about the company are largely positive. Out of 3497 ratings, as much as 92% indicate that Quick loans are excellent, 6% good, 1% medium and 1% very poor.