To ensure optimal living comfort, you plan to renovate your home. On us, use a reliable work loan simulation tool to find complete financing for your lifestyle improvement projects.

With our job loan comparator and other credits you may need, get in touch with financial institutions willing to provide you with capital that fits your needs, an acceptable interest rate and monthly payments calculated according to your ability to refund.

Loan simulator works

Loan simulator works

Available on the NET, work loan simulators make your life easier by providing tools that will calculate your credit. This is the case with our loan comparator works that invites you to specify your project with pre-established elements such as the purpose of the loan, the desired amount, the monthly payment of your choice and the duration of the project.

In the blink of an eye, you will have a summary of the loan simulation work that tells you the characteristics to remember about your credit, taking care to indicate the applied rates and the actual cost. These numbers, you can still use them to make other comparisons and find the best offers in the online credit market.

This stage of simulation and comparison of offers is essential, because it will avoid you to decide on the first offer and have to regret later, since a credit commits you over a significant period and you can not turn back after contract signature.

Why use our simulator?

With our work loan comparator, you avoid traveling to financial organizations to find out about the financing solutions available for renovation or decoration work in your home.

By going through our job-ready simulation site, you perform all the steps remotely, staying in the comfort of your home, in front of your computer. In just a few clicks, you can find out about all that characterizes your loan, this flexible credit that will adapt to your needs and your financial situation. Other significant benefits with online credit offers, you immediately get an answer in principle, and throughout the process for obtaining your credit, you get tips and tricks on the steps to follow for the loan simulation works.

How to use our simulation tool to compare work loans?

Our work loan simulation tool is at your disposal to give you an estimate of what will cost you this credit, while allowing you to choose between many solutions from selected financial institutions, because they offer the best rates.

With this loan comparison job, you will calculate the monthly payments, the duration and amortization of your credit and opt for the offer that seems more interesting based on your income.

Thanks to our loan simulation work, you will obtain financing that will allow you to finance all of your work, because you will have previously indicated the type of work you will perform, the amount required for this type of project, the cost monthly payments and the duration of the credit.

To ensure your research on, start already to establish a necessary budget by using the estimates of the craftsmen. Next, calculate your monthly charges and determine how much you will be able to pay back the loan. All you have to do is indicate the nature of your project on our site, the amount you request and the period during which you intend to return everything.

As soon as you have finished the simulation, you will get an answer in principle. And as soon as you have chosen the bank where you will apply for the credit, you can return the form with the necessary supporting documents (copy of the national identity card, RIB, bank account statement, pay statement, etc.) for build your loan file works. From there, you will get your personalized loan work offer where the monthly payments are calculated according to your needs and your repayment possibilities.

What is a work loan?

What is a work loan?

Whether to renovate the home’s insulation system, install a pool in the garden or renovate the facade, you can apply for a loan work as a financing. Aimed at individuals, job credit offers are available from banks and other credit institutions who are there to help you improve your living conditions. Depending on your needs, you can opt for different forms of loan work, as is the case of earmarked credits and personal loans. To help you decide, do not hesitate to use our loan comparator works to allow you to access borrowing conditions more suited to your needs.

To return to the principles of the work loan, know that the financial institution will lend you a sum of money whose amount will allow you to carry out work on your property. It can be basic work such as repairing leaks at the roof or fight against mold, or work of comfort to create a new room in the attic or in the garage. You can access this loan to build a principal residence, a second home or a rental property.

Also note that the loan work is a form of conventional consumer credit where the amount borrowed must not exceed 75 000 €, 14 day withdrawal period is applied and if you have the opportunity to make a prepayment, you will have no penalty if the amount of the annual refunds does not exceed 10 000 €.

Loan works, the modalities

Because the terms applied differ from one bank to another, be sure to inform yourself about the promotional offers and the conditions for obtaining a work loan. Depending on the size of the work to be done, the amount of the work loan can start at € 1,000 up to fairly high figures, especially if you plan to completely renovate an old building. Depending on your profile and the type of loan work requested, you will also find during your work credit simulations that the nominal rate varies, and this can range from 4% to more than 10% depending on the case.

And if your work is going to be used to improve the diagnosis of energy performance of the building and to envisage the installation of ecological equipment like the windows with triple glazing, the heat pump or the solar panels, you will be entitled to subsidies and advantages which will be used to reduce the total cost of the work loan.

Loan works, formulas offered by banks and credit institutions

Depending on the scope of your work and your personal preferences regarding the financing of your renovation or home improvement projects, the banks offer different types of work loans.

The appropriated appropriation

With loan work in the form of assigned credit, you have a sum of money that will be specifically used for the realization of this very specific project. Moreover, your bank will ask you for quotes made by professional companies to check the final use of the money. Compared to other offers, this form of credit is always a little more expensive, but it has the advantage of protecting you if there is a failure of the company you have engaged through a clause of the loan contract works. What’s more, if you’re going to back a zero-rate eco-loan to your loan, you’re forced to go through the affected credit formula.

The personal loan

With a credit work in the form of personal loan, you get a capital that you can use in greater freedom, because no justification will be required. This formula is more flexible than the credit affected, and it will suit you perfectly if you like to tinker and think about doing your own work.

The revolving credit

Theoretically speaking, it is possible to obtain a loan in the form of revolving credit. This is a supply of money that you can use constantly and which is reconstituted as you repay. Here, there is no need to go through formalities and other loan application procedures if you already have a reserve of money. However, one must provide a fairly high interest rate with this form of loan work.

The points to check for a work loan

To successfully complete the loan simulation works on our site, rely on the main features of this type of credit. This is the case of the global percentage rate or TEG, this universal criterion which includes all the sums used in the loan, the subscription at the last maturity, taking into account the interest applied at the nominal rate, the fees file and insurance.

With the loan works, you have the choice between a fixed or variable rate credit. With the first option, you know in advance the amount of the monthly payments, until the last deadline. On the other hand, the variable rate applied on short-term interbank loans allows you to start with a loan with a low interest rate, but you will pay more if there is a revision of rates.

As for the borrower insurance, it is not mandatory for a work loan, but your bank will offer you a minimum cover in anticipation of a death or disability.

How to apply for a loan works?

How to apply for a loan works?

With the arrival of online banks in the credit market, it is now easier and easier to find a loan. Moreover, we offer you a comparator loan works that will guide you to the Belgian financial institutions that offer this kind of financing.

From the home page of, you have links to click that you will use to fill the fields with the necessary information and find your credit. Once you have chosen the offer that seems most favorable to you, you can launch your loan application work by sending an online application form. Here, the answer in principle is sent to you within 48 hours.

As for the documents to be provided to obtain your work loan, prepare a complete file, including an estimate with VAT of the work to be done, an architect’s plan, proof of the relevance of the work, the last three payslips (you and your spouse), the last three statements of all bank accounts, vouchers for your outstanding credits, and the property tax if you own. Not forgetting your credentials and your latest tax notice,

In the meantime, you can always bring the result of the online loan simulation work to your banker to make the competition play and help you decide better for obtaining your credit.

Why make credit online?

In addition to a facilitated approach, online credit has the advantage of finding loan offers at very attractive rates. Just by surfing the web, without leaving home, you can access a very interesting credit offer. In just a few clicks and you can compare the rates applied, know the amount that you can borrow as part of your projects and know in advance what will actually cost you this fixed rate loan.

What’s more, the policy answer is almost immediate with online credits and our work loan simulation tool helps you to differentiate between the many offers offered by banks and credit institutions. And as soon as you have obtained the credit agreement, the transfer of funds to your bank account will be done quickly to allow you to start your work as soon as possible.

For example, the online work loan is granted to homeowners and tenants who need to improve their housing and finance this project with confidence, without having to draw on savings or save for many years at risk of worsening things with urgent interventions like the insulation of a home, there are also situations like the arrival of a new member in the family and the development of a baby room that you can not delay.

With online credit offers, you have a few minutes to do the loan simulation works, see the immediate response principle established according to the items you have declared, send by mail the offer you signed with the supporting documents requested (invoice of less than 6 months, estimate estimate, plan of architect or order form). If all is well, the money will be paid into your account 8 days after the signing of your contract. From there, you can finance any work that you plan to do in your primary or secondary home, whether you hire a professional or not.

Tips for choosing your loan works

Tips for choosing your loan works

To find the most advantageous credit offer, the best approach to follow is the loan simulation works. Indeed, our online comparison tool helps you and accompanies you to all the steps necessary to obtain your credit, without having to go to the banks.

Negotiate the fees

To reduce the total cost of your loan work, you have the opportunity to negotiate your fees. Indeed, some banks apply fees in exchange for the work of advice provided by their advisor and the other people who made it possible to grant you this loan, this concerns inter alia the legal service and the internet service.

So, even if there is already a fee guide applied to the online work loan, you can still bet on a commercial policy that allows the bank to make you benefit from a negotiation with the advisor. To do this, talk about the positives of your file to convince your banker to finance your project, while limiting the costs as much as possible. What’s more, the fees are included in the calculation of the TEG and the higher they are, the more you will have to pay more for your loan work.

Well compare job loan offers

With our loan comparison job, you have the opportunity to compare the many offers by referring to your project. Yes, this is your project and it is up to you to decide how much you will use and the repayment term.

To compare credit online, always use a rate base, such as a fixed rate, and from there, compare monthly payments, insurance, file and miscellaneous expenses. From there, you will have the total cost of financing and the overall effective rate. You will have everything you need to compare the offers and can choose in perfect knowledge.

The borrower insurance

In principle, the borrower insurance is not obligatory in the framework of a work loan, but it is a protective guarantee for the bank which makes sure that the principal remaining due will be well paid in the event of death or permanent and absolute disability of the borrower, or if a temporary incapacity for work prevents you from paying certain monthly payments.

Thus, this insurance is part of the risk management policy of the banks because the insurance will ensure reimbursement in case of accident or loss. It is therefore a necessity and you can choose your own insurance borrower by opting for the group insurance provided by your bank, or the insurance delegated that you have proposed an insurance company outside.

Choosing the repayment period of the work loan

As a general rule, the work loan is repaid in monthly installments. However, you can request a change in the repayment period by choosing a quarterly or semi-annual payment. In exceptional cases, the banks grant an annual refund of the credits. Different possibilities are available to you and you can very well opt for the solution that corresponds to your income. Regarding the repayment term, always refer to your priorities before opting for a fairly long or rather short period.

The time for reflection

Still in the context of your loan work, you are entitled today to two periods of reflection. For the compromise, the first deadline gives you 7 days to decide after the signing of the loan agreement works. While the second 14-day deadline linked to the loan offer gives you the right to refuse or accept the loan offer.

From the day the online bank issued you the loan offer, you must wait 11 days before signing, and if you forget to return the document, this may be considered a refusal on your part.

The hybrid rate work loan

Recently, you have invested in the old real estate that you plan to sell as soon as the renovations are finished. If you opt for a classic work loan, you will pay credit interest and prepayment penalties. To remedy this, opt for the hybrid rate loan or mixed rate. This form of credit is granted to you in a fixed rate first phase and a floating rate second phase.

The benefits of loan work are the lower interest or “call rate” that you enjoy during the first phase of the loan. This allows you to predict the risks to which you expose yourself with variable rates that depend on the market price.

Thus, the fixed rate will be applied during the construction period, while you can freely pay your loan at the time of sale of the property, and without paying penalties for your work loan.