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  • The entities have designed financing programs.
  • They can be used to pay tuition, materials, clothing, master’s degrees and courses abroad.
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  • Préstamos universitarios

    Folder to the course 2014 / 2015. The books are parked until next September, at least for those who managed to approve everything. Classes will be resumed in the last weeks of summer, but first the next academic year, 2015/2016, must be prepared. And the cost involved is important at all levels, from the school to the university or the master.

    The family budget for studies has increased since 2008, the year in which the crisis began. The last INE survey on family budget in 2014 concludes that it was of an average of 27,038 euros, slightly lower than the previous year. The amount per person stood at 10,759 euros.

    The National Institute of Statistics quantifies what a household allocates for food, clothing, housing, water, transportation and leisure; that is, both items that are considered basic (food) and alternatives (hotels or restaurants, for example). Since 2008, the year of the beginning of the crisis, the population has been reducing its budget in all items except two, which has increased: fixed housing, such as electricity and water, and education, which are those who have increased the most, 25%.


    The reasons are several: enrollments and courses have increased, public spending on education has been reduced since 2010, and master’s degrees are already necessary for many careers to obtain a degree.

    Therefore, studying becomes increasingly expensive. For example, the report The cost of studying in Europe carried out by the Observatory of the University System, places Spain among the top 10 where more money is needed to take a master’s degree or a university degree.

    Another study by the French agency for the promotion of education, CampusFrance, points out that “receiving higher education in the French countryside is five times cheaper than in Spanish.”

    The inequalities between the autonomous communities themselves are also very significant. The differences can be over 200 %, according to the teaching union FETE-UGT.

    If all this is added to the fact that the number of scholarships has decreased, as well as its amount, the result is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to complete the training.

    Banks have also seen in this group a new option to boost their business and offer aid. In the last year, new entities have been added with specific programs to finance different types of studies.

    The possibilities are wide and there are products for both tuition and teaching materials, courses abroad, master’s degrees, university courses, Erasmus … even for clothes. This type of financing is granted through loans or credits; in the first case, the amount is delivered in a single term, and the second, for agreed periods.

    The offer designed for students is like a personal loan, which practically all financial entities sell it. But student products have more advantageous conditions, both in terms of interests and requirements.

    Everything has a price

    Everything has a price

    Asking for any type of financing has a cost. In addition to the amount requested, the type that the bank will apply will have to be calculated.

    Higher courses and master’s degrees are the most credit The average range is over 7%, although it varies depending on the reason for which it was requested. To this, the commissions are added. They are asked, in most cases, for the opening of the loan or credit, and in some cases for the study of the application, an option that some entities include to assess whether the candidate is suitable from the point of view of solvency.

    Another advantage of the financing of the studies is the lack. Entities such as BBVA, La Caixa or BBK include this possibility, which allows delaying the refund of the amount received in more than one year from the end of the course. Keep in mind that interests may vary.

    But in all cases the repayment terms are very broad; that is, the period in which the payments are prolonged. This can be up to 10 years, as in the Total University Credit of Banco Santander or in the products sold by Banco Sabadell. Likewise, there are amortizations for very short periods, of months, but they are for loans of a lower amount. For example, the Blue Erasmo Loan of BBVA, of 6,000 euros, must be returned between 6 and 9 months.

    The amounts received vary depending on the objective. The higher courses and the master’s degrees are the most credit. You can get up to 80,000 euros with the Total University Credit of Santander. In parallel, banks are expanding the possibilities of financing for exchange studies, Erasmus or stays abroad, which cover up to the expenses of maintenance, such as the CrediEstudios Superiores of La Caixa.


    The majority of students who complete their corresponding degree do not have an income. The economic and solvency situation of the owner, usually the parents, or the person who endorses it, is the one that will give the option to request this type of product.

    Normally, the entity will require the recent payrolls, the IRPF declaration and the accreditation by the student that he is carrying out the course for which he demands the financing. In any case, the concession is not immediate.

    After the documentation provided, the entities study the acceptance. The support of the banks to the students is extended with the granting of scholarships every year. In some cases, the period is still open.

    Retirement is a good opportunity to review insurance and bank contracts. Sat, 12 May 2018 08:14:21 +0000 Read More »]]> Retirement is a good opportunity to review insurance and bank contracts.

    In liability and legal expenses insurance, a contract change provides for savings, as calculations by the independent consumer portal Verivox show. The widespread belief that retirees find it hard to get credit is not always confirmed in practice.


    Image: Mature couple 

    Car Insurance: Rising prices – and how seniors mitigate the consequences

    With increasing age, the premiums for motor insurance increase because the statistical risk of accidents increases. The price differences are large: For example, a 75-year-old in an evaluation by Verivox pays up to 40 percent more for motor insurance than a 60-year-old with the same car and the same other characteristics. Even those who slip through accident-free driving into more favorable claim-free classes, can usually no longer offset the increase.

    But not all car insurers raise prices for older people equally. Therefore, it is advisable to compare the offers of different insurance companies.

    Liability: Often discounts for seniors

    Older consumers can hope in the private liability insurance on a senior citizen discount, which makes the tariffs of many insurers significantly cheaper. Depending on the insurance and the scope of benefits, this discount can amount to 20 percent of the annual costs. A personal liability insurance can save the financial ruin and is a must for young and old. The annual cost is often less than 50 euros – an amount that is worth in any case, given the risks hedged.

    Legal expenses insurance in old age without employment protection

    The legal expenses insurance helps to bear the often high legal fees in case of dispute. Seniors who are already retired, however, need no protection for disputes around employment and employment law. If you do not use this contract element, significant savings of up to 50 euros can be achieved. Those who receive a company pension will find senior citizen rates that include disputes about it.

    Accident insurance: Some contracts end automatically

    Anyone who suffers an accident in old age can suffer more serious damage than in youth. This leads to higher premiums for the elderly. Seniors should look out for the accident insurance on special features. Because there are tariffs, which are automatically terminated by the insurer in an upper age – for example, at 85 years. On the other hand, pensioners are often interested in additional services such as food delivery, basic care and domestic help, which are only covered by a few tariffs. In principle, the accident insurance can not be a substitute for a private long-term care insurance.

    Even seniors receive loans

    There is a widespread belief that retirees find it difficult to get a loan. “Our numbers do not confirm this fear fundamentally,” says Ingo Weber, managing director of Verivox. “Loans are also granted to seniors in the first years of retirement. However, they often request small loan amounts. “Verivox has evaluated over 10,000 loan applications. The likelihood that the loan will be granted is the same for consumers over the age of 65 as for the younger ones. You will receive an interest, which is only 0.1 percentage points higher for a loan amount of 5,000 euros than for younger people. Nevertheless, seniors account for only a small proportion of borrowers at four percent.

    Only at a ripe old age do banks restrict access to credit. Applicants over the age of 75 receive an offer from significantly fewer banks.

    PM Senior Car Insurance (PDF)

    Further information

    With Verivox you are always up to date. Whether energy, telecommunications, finance or insurance – You can find the latest news and valuable tips in our daily news.


    Fast Payday Loan – Get Educated On All The Aspects Of Getting A Cash Loan Mon, 30 Apr 2018 03:54:50 +0000 Read More »]]> Everyone has experienced financial problems at some point during their lives.

    However, best financial managers plus business owners go through money issues. A cash loan is one answer for those times when you’re actually short on funds.

    All online payday loan service providers possess a confidentiality clause. They will not disclose any information that you have given the form or otherwise to any some other party. If they want to reveal this information to anybody otherwise then they will take your authorization for the same. Moreover, all good payday loan providers make sure that their website is secure and they use numerous electronic safety measures for the same. Illegal users will not be able to notice any of the information provided by you to definitely them.

    The first thing you need to search for is a payday loan no credit check business with good standing- stop searching loans near me. There are various to be found online and some might be less reputable than other people. You don’t want to take the danger of identity theft which means you need to find a good lender. Learn about what has been said and inquire friends and family members for tips. Whenever you spot a company using a physical office space or is usually part of a large franchise, after that these are pretty good bets to look with.

    You are not depending on your next pay period.

    Direct payday loan lenders work with many people who live to be able to to the next paycheck. Once you have produced the savings goal, you will have no need to use a direct payday loan lender in order to make ends meet. you will find savings account to use in a crisis, with the idea it will be mostly paid back as soon as possible. Budgeting is going to be much clearer when there is a collection amount to work with.

    Payday loans can be found in the market because they serve an extremely real need and have produced a certain degree of financial freedom plus security available to people. Assume you are reasonably well used, have a decent track record of regular salary being credited for your requirements and fulfill citizenship requirements etc ., should you not have the option to borrowing money to satisfy an urgent need? How exactly does credit rating matter? A quick payday loan is an easy option open to help out people who meet the criteria in the above list.

    We now have heard the endless benefits of payday loans over and over again. We have noticed advertisements telling us exactly how life can be made easier with it.

    Using what you learned today you need to feel less confused about payday loans. Applying these tips will help you prevent any issues you would possess otherwise gotten yourself straight into. Keep these tips in mind next time you consider a payday loan.

    The Service to support families at risk of eviction has served almost 5,200 families in five years Tue, 17 Apr 2018 08:16:44 +0000 Read More »]]>

    The Service to support families at risk of eviction has served almost 5,200 families in five years

    • The Comprehensive Service to support families at risk of eviction from Castilla y León has served almost 5,200 families in the almost five years it has been in operation and in almost half of the cases (1,145) a restructuring of the debt has been achieved. the financial entities.

    This has been explained by the Minister of Family and Equal Opportunities, Alicia García, after signing an agreement to intensify collaboration and speed up temporary access to housing for those people and families in situations of vulnerability or social exclusion.

    Throughout this time, said the counselor, agreements have been promoted with financial institutions to address or restructure the debts of these families or alternative formulas have been provided for the loss of the same. Along with this, these families are accompanied in the process of finding solutions to the adverse circumstances they are experiencing by facilitating access to the resources they may need at the same time.

    The counselor has indicated that almost half of these families, 48 ​​percent, have had their first contact with Social Services for this reason.

    All those families served have received information and advice, not only regarding the mortgage insolvency and how to deal with it, but also how to access other benefits and services.

    In this sense, 2,332 derivation actions have been carried out with 1,008 families so that they could benefit from other services or protection systems such as employment, housing, health, free justice, CEAS or Third Sector. It stands out in a special way that in 939 cases the Guaranteed Citizenship Income has been granted as a result of the intervention of the Service.

    Regarding the 2,518 cases in which a dialogue with the financial institution has been completed, the results indicate that in 1145 cases, almost half, a restructuring of the debt was achieved; on 154 occasions, the dation in payment; In 468 cases, agreements of other kinds were reached, such as non-execution agreements, suspension of launch, sale, elimination of ground clauses or interest rate reductions.

    In addition, in 336 cases it was not necessary to initiate interlocution initiated by an improvement of the situation. For the rest of the cases, 16.5 percent, other social supports were provided.

    The importance of the protective action of this service can be seen in the fact that no family served by this service had to face a forced eviction. Also in the high rate of effectiveness of the service, since in 83.5 percent of the cases the dialogue with the banking entities is completed with positive results and in the rest, 16.5 percent of the cases, the solution it comes through other social supports.

    Added to this is the high level of coverage achieved in relation to mortgage foreclosures started on private homes in Castilla y León, since since 2016 the number of cases handled far exceeds the foreclosures initiated.

    Also, the counselor has highlighted its impact, since Castilla y León is the community with the largest reduction in the number of foreclosures, by 78 percent, between the first half of 2014 and the first half of 2017 (last available interval). This figure is in line with the drop in the number of cases in the Integral Support Service, which has experienced a decrease in its demand of more than 26 percent in the local offices and 19 in the Central Office.


    Within the Protection Network, and in relation to support for housing, other types of aid are also included. One of them is the financial benefit in situations of mortgage debt, which is a help aimed at assisting, temporarily and while the situation of social urgency lasts, the mortgage payment, as well as other specific expenses derived from the situation, such as expenses derived from restructuring, lifting of liens or eviction expenses.

    Since it was created and up to the present, this type of benefits has been granted to almost 2,900 families for an amount of 1.9 million euros.

    Along with this is the economic benefit in front of situations of debt for rent of habitual residence, which is a benefit for the payment of rents in the case that the families in situation of vulnerability are in rent.

    In these years it has constituted a third of the total economic aid that is granted, assuming approximately 40 percent of the total amount of the expenditure destined to these aids. From 2013 until the first semester of 2017, the families that have received aids for rent are almost 16,000 for an amount of just over 11 million euros.

    Check here more news from Valladolid.

    I Need To Become A Travel Agent Mon, 18 Dec 2017 22:13:31 +0000 Read More »]]>

    Know aid people to trust. Carefully study qualification before you plan your marketing campaign. You need to learn where many go, what words can compel them to take action, and what elements can push their emotional hot buttons. You’ll need to do so to establish your marketing techniques useful and highly specialized.

    Are you able to pay for to pay the amount the company is usually asking for? If you get a few months down the road and can no longer spend the monthly payment you might find your self in the worst condition compared to before. If your income will change or may alter in the near future, then debt settlement is not really for you, unless your income is going to increase.

    What’s more, the sales represent only a click portion of this outsourcing economic impact. Ford, for example, announced what has increasing manufacture of some gadgets. GM brought back around 1300 workers start production of its new car sorts. However, the impact has a new life expectancy and your program is over, the effect is primarily over also.

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    All ranting aside, it is possible to make use of outsourcing statistics correctly in websites. In fact, Guy Kawasaki which includes a few of this top tweeps in the earth outsources their stuff. Generally, they are pretty forthcoming about it though. Several subtle distinctions in the tweets that tell you who it’s from.

    So, select the right web developers London for website development related do the job. Skills are all around the world but choose someone with whom you’ll communicate right. Remember that communication is essential and to save some bucks don’t choose any on the planet ?. It is sure to change the quality of the work.

    Coaching: This is not for the tool and also for the CxOs. It is the coaching for the CxOs approach run and operates companies using dashboards. Please follow this link for much more information.