Where to best invest your money- Loan Funds

It is no longer worthwhile to leave free money in a current or savings account because of low interest rates, which will not cover the inflation rate. Fortunately, there are still plenty of opportunities for small and large investors to invest money. Here is an overview of the most common ways to profitably benefit from […]

Loan work and renovation credit in Belgium

To ensure optimal living comfort, you plan to renovate your home. On us, use a reliable work loan simulation tool to find complete financing for your lifestyle improvement projects. With our job loan comparator and other credits you may need, get in touch with financial institutions willing to provide you with capital that fits your […]

Where can you apply for a loan?

Online, you can call on companies specializing in loans, such as Bankil or Yoabank. This form of loan is especially more affordable because you have no administrative fees. In addition to this, you should not consider opening hours. Online, you can also do a simulation of the rate you should pay back each month, and […]